Don’t Mess With a Mama (-To-Be): Pregnant Woman Takes Down Thief

Don't mess with a pregnant super woman

I am Mama, hear me roar.

That’s what pregnant Lindsay O’Brien essentially said to career criminal Vaughn Matthews when he snatched her purse last week.

O’Brien, 28, was on an El train Philadelphia when it stopped and Matthews punched her in the forehead and ran away with her bag. She ran after him and tried to get it back, but Matthews twisted her arm, which broke her wrist, and then hit her in the belly with his forearm. Her pregnant belly. But she didn’t play dead. She kept fighting. Like, hard.

She kicked him in the leg, breaking his tibia in two places.

Matthews has been charged with aggravated assault and robbery, among other crimes. He will also require two surgeries to repair his leg. No word on how his ego will be treated after getting the business by a pregnant woman.

Let’s all give O’Brien a standing ovation for kicking some serious ass (and tibia), but ladies, especially the pregnant ones, maybe just let the guy have your purse if the same thing happens to you? Just a thought.

Image: Creative Commons

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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