Double Stroller Equals Double Trouble?

I’m in the dark when it comes to what kind of double stroller to purchase.  Google “best double stroller,” and a plethora of colorful (and pricey!) options stretch before you.

In the limited research I’ve done so far, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Chicco Cortina Together double stroller is the one I should buy.

But picking that one was the result of a fumbling Internet search resembling something kind of like playing Pin The Tail On The Donkey. I’m just scrabbling around blindly here, folks. And 270 bucks?!  I bought my first car for less than that. 200 bucks, to be exact, and it drove like a dream.  Too bad my stupid older brother wrecked it before I even turned sixteen.

But back to double strollers: HELP!

I’m pretty sure I don’t want the double wide option. I guess the fancy lingo is a side-by-side stroller? I mean, how does anyone get around with those things? What’s the benefit there? I guess they’re for twins? So one doesn’t feel more important than the other? There’s got to be an alarming study somewhere that suggests if your twins aren’t placed in a side-by-side stroller from birth their SAT scores will be significantly lower than the twins of those parents who responsibly purchased a side-by-side for their very well-adjusted twins. Or something like that.

I’m in the market for something that keeps a 2-year-old strapped down while also safely carrying a newborn. I want a tandem, I think.  There’s a whole terminology here that I need to learn, apparently. So. A tandem?  After that, I’m lost.

The only reason I dialed in on the Chicco is because it accommodates a KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat which we already own. Also? The other Chicco option is called the Chicco Romantic Double Stroller and I don’t think the word romantic should play any part in strollers, so I am officially boycotting that one. I mean, seriously. Romantic? Girl, please.

With the whole corresponding car seat thing I figure I can just pull KID B from the back seat of the car and place him directly into the stroller. But all the strollers I see have both seats facing outward. You want the toddler front-facing, right, but don’t you want your newborn facing you?


What should I be looking for? I’m willing to spend some dough for a good stroller but I don’t want a newfangled contraption that takes two years and ten hands to set up. And what if I want to hit the streets for some exercise?  Are these strollers meant for indoors and outdoors, or do I need a whole other double jogging stroller?

What don’t I know?  What am  I missing?

Of note:  Babble recently compiled Babble Best 2010 Double Strollers that you may be interested in.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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