Doulas at Scheduled Cesarean Births?

I wore scrubs and stayed in the areas allowed by the OB.

I loved this post published on the ICAN blog recently about Doulas and CBACs (Cesarean birth after Cesarean).

Why would someone want to hire a doula for a planned cesarean birth?  Are doulas even allowed into the OR?  What role would a doula play for these births?

I’ve been a doula present at Cesarean births and it was a fabulous experience for the mom and husband. Her first birth had been induced, rushed into surgery, little communication, little respect and ultimately very disempowering. For her second birth she had switched physicians, brought me in as a doula, and educated herself about her available options.

While she did end up with a second surgery (and since then, a third) the experiences were vastly different. In her second birth she called a lot of the shots, each step of the way. She asked for me to be present during the surgery so I could take pictures of her son’s birth – something she never had with her first birth. In fact, I was able to capture a picture of his birth before the cord was even cut! A special memory for her.

I also was able to keep her company while her husband went with the baby post-operatively, so she wouldn’t be left alone. When she was nearly done she asked me to go and tell her parents who were waiting out in the waiting room. Having the ability to again, control the shots and inform others of the sex/weight/birth time of her son on HER terms was something she’d been completely robbed of during her first birth experience.

That is what a doula is all about. Supporting a mother during her pregnancy, labor and birth experiences no matter what that birth experience is! This mother knew what she was willing to do and not willing to do and took proactive steps to create as positive a birth experience for herself as possible. And I was blessed to be privvy to that experience.

Would you consider hiring a doula for a C-section birth?


Learning more about your pregnancy: Should I hire a doula?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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