Down Girl! Taming Morning Sickness

With my oldest son, nothing on planet earth could tame my morning sickness. Between working full time though my first trimester, and having a work-a-holic husband, I spent most of my moments with a porcelain bowl.

I got accustom to a couple. The one at my parents house, my own apartment, the one in the public bathroom at work which was by far the worst! I tried everything from those motion sickness bracelets, to Preggy pops, ginger anything I could find. Nothing helped!  Eventually it started to taper off, but it left a life long memory of the first trimester. That was for sure!

When it came to my second son, I thought I was doomed to the same morning sickness first trimester hell I had with Camden. I was fully prepared to be chasing a nine month old, and throwing him in the playpen to hug the toilet all hours of the day. I got very lucky and breezed through my entire pregnancy with no sickness, never threw up, and became that bitch that all my friends talked about behind my back, wishing they could have a pregnancy like that. I still look back and wish all of my pregnancies could have been like that!

This time around, I am not lucky by any means. I am sick. And when I say sick, I mean, day in and day out nausea which is way more annoying than actually letting whatever is bothering my stomach out to get some kind of relief. I am on the point of tossing cookies at any given moment of the day. This is the moment where I wish I could have a pregnancy like my last!

I have found something that is helping me like crazy though. I was sent a sample of the Earth Mama Angel Baby Happy Mama Body Spray earlier in the spring. It is a life saver!  An aromatherapy spray which is beyond uplifting as they describe it on their website! It is used for helping moods, postpartum depression, but above all, morning sickness!!!

I didn’t even realize it was used for morning sickness till I was digging through my medicine cabinet looking for something to help me with this god awful sickness!  And there it was… for morning sickness. It was like a choir of angels started singing in my bathroom mirror in the background. Now?  I can’t go anywhere without it. I have covered my bed sheets with it, my bathroom, I always have it ready and available on both of my wrists, and I don’t know how I would survive my pregnancy nose without it!

If you are having morning sickness you can’t tame, I highly suggest this spray. It works wonders!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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