20 Due Date Distractions

With week 39 of my pregnancy arriving this Wednesday it’s hard not to to fixate on clock watching.  I could have this baby at any moment and it’s hard to think about much else.

But, in the interest of not driving myself insane over the coming weeks I’ve come up with a list of 20 due date distractions to help pass the time and allow me to think about other things besides my impending “guess date”.

Check out my list of due date distractions after the jump – hopefully some of them will prove to be good distractions for you as well!

  • Fill up that calendar 1 of 20
    Fill up that calendar
    Having fun activities planned into your calendar will give you something to look forward to and keep you busy so you can stop worrying about that due date.
  • Go on a date with your partner 2 of 20
    Go on a date with your partner
    Have coffee, go on a hike, whatever you like to do may be your last chance to squeeze in quality time before the baby arrives.
  • Watch a movie 3 of 20
    Watch a movie
    Any movie can provide a good distraction, but I'd say stick with movies that are light-hearted - particularly comedies. Laughing is good for the soul.
  • Get a mani/pedi 4 of 20
    Get a mani/pedi
    Treat yourself to pretty nails, because every mama could use a little bit of pampering.
  • Play a board game 5 of 20
    Play a board game
    Invite over some friends or family and play a board game - preferably one that will end in silly laughter - those are my favorite.
  • Take a nap 6 of 20
    Take a nap
    When I've had a long day or I'm feeling overwhelmed, nothing makes me feel more ready and refreshed to take on the rest of my day than a nap. The whole world looks better after a nap.
  • Read a non-baby related book 7 of 20
    Read a non-baby related book
    You've probably been submerged in pregnancy, birthing and breast feeding books for the past 9 months and soon you'll probably start taking on all those parenting books, so why not take a break for a bit and relax with a book that's simply for pleasure?
  • Go grocery shopping 8 of 20
    Go grocery shopping
    Stock up on quick and easy meals and snacks for your post-baby life. It will be much easier to go shopping with a 9 month pregnant belly than it will be with an infant.
  • Have a dance party 9 of 20
    Have a dance party
    Dancing is a great way to have fun and sneak in a bit of exercise and it's pretty hard not to smile when you're doing it. I personally enjoy the mashups of Girl Talk for my personal kitchen dance parties, but feel free to choose whatever gets you moving.
  • Learn something new 10 of 20
    Learn something new
    It can be anything: finger knitting, a new hairstyle, how to play that video game your husband is always playing or how to make a souffle. Be adventurous!
  • Buy yourself some flowers 11 of 20
    Buy yourself some flowers
    Nothing brightens my day like a fresh bouquet of flowers. Every time you look at them, their loveliness will provide you with a pretty distraction - if only for a few moments.
  • Participate in the photo a day challenge 12 of 20
    Participate in the photo a day challenge
    This started on January 1st, courtesy of the blog Fat Mum Slim., and even though it's already started you can still jump on the bandwagon. It's fun trying to think of shots to take to fulfill the daily photo challenges.
  • Get your hair did 13 of 20
    Get your hair did
    Go get a trim or a blow out or a shine treatment. It's always nice being pampered and having your hair done by someone else is always the best.
  • Make mocktails 14 of 20
    Make mocktails
    Invite over your friends for a girl's night and make mocktails. You could make other snacks and watch movies or do spa treatments - anything fun and girly.
  • Get a makeover 15 of 20
    Get a makeover
    Head into a department store or Sephora and have them give you a little makeover. It will make you feel pretty while you pick up some tips and new products for your post-partum beauty routine.
  • Channel your inner-Martha 16 of 20
    Channel your inner-Martha
    Bake something yummy - and make extras that you can freeze. Having a stash of muffins will be nice once the baby arrives.
  • Putter on social networking sites 17 of 20
    Putter on social networking sites
    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are all great time sucks, and while not always a great use of time, when killing time is what you're after, these offer the perfect solution.
  • Try a new restaurant 18 of 20
    Try a new restaurant
    Try out that restaurant you've had on your list for awhile. With all the busy-ness that life is about to throw your way, you may not have a chance to do so for awhile. And while you're at it, maybe order the spiciest item off the menu!
  • Walk the dog 19 of 20
    Walk the dog
    Take your dog for a walk! Exercise and fresh air provide great distractions.
  • Have an all out 20 of 20
    Have an all out
    If any of you watch Parks and Recreation, you'll know what I'm talking about. Basically, a "treat yo self!" day is exactly what it sounds like - a day dedicated to spoiling yourself and doing all the little things you love. Soak it up!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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