Easy Hair Bows

I am turning into a craft addict, but I think I am also starting to hardcore nest. I want everything done, especially since I am finally in my third trimester.

I found this really neat tutorial online to make these adorable, and super easy hair ribbons for little girls, you know the kind… that you find on overpriced but must have?  Heck, I have bought so many hair/head accessories for this baby already, she will never be without a bow, headband, flower, or some other accessory the size of a helicopter annoying her in the first years of life.

But I wanted to share the pictures, and the steps to making these adorable and super easy bows.

First, the tools you are going to need:

  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • a lighter
  • hot glue gun (Which by the way, I should never be allowed to operate as I hot glued my fingers together in the first 10 minutes of the project)
  • Metal Hair clips

First you are going to want to heat up the hot glue gun, and then attach the ribbon to the metal hair clip carefully covering all sides. Including the inside.

Then you are going to want to take a about an inch of ribbon, and make a circle out of it, and glue it together to make a circle. Then pinch the ribbon together in the center to make the shape of a small bow and dab a little bit of glue to hold it in place…  Of course you then attach it to the top of the above ribbon on the clip…

And last you are going to take a small piece of ribbon, about a half inch and attach it around the clip to complete the bow… it will look like this in the end:

It may sound a little bit more difficult than it is, but I am telling you… if I can do it… anyone can. Literally!

You can use any color, pattern, or style ribbon… and you can even test them on your toddler who is eager to help you…

While I still have a bunch more ribbon I want to try this project out on… this is what I accomplished yesterday while I got a whole hour to myself to craft a little bit:

I think this is the first pregnancy I have really started to “nest”… with my first son, everything was ready because I was just a type A first time mother, of course my provider had also pumped into my head that I would be lucky to make it to 36 weeks gestation being so high risk also. So when 40 weeks rolled around, I was more than ready…

My second son, I was lucky I had clothes unpacked for him to wear when he came home from the hospital. I fully expected him to be overdue and when he made his move at 38 weeks, I was shocked, and totally unprepared.

At least this time I will be somewhat prepared.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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