Elephants Are Pregnant for 640 Days!

elephants are pregnant for 640 days

So it takes approximately 266 days – between 38-40 weeks on average for a typical human embryo to develop. I’m at 22 weeks, and I really should stop griping that I have 18 whole weeks left. But truth be told, we have it easy when compared to some of our animal friends.

I had always heard, “well you should be glad you aren’t an elephant” – now I know why.

After the jump – see some of the longest and shortest gestation periods for animals!

Check out these crazy animal gestation periods!

LONG Pregnancies for These Animals:


Llamas are pregnant for approximately 330 days.


The poor sweet elephant is pregnant for approximately 640 days. And get this, a baby elephant can weight up to 250 lbs when born. OUCH, hope she asks for an epidural!


Whales are pregnant for approximately 360 days.


Donkeys are pregnant for approximately 374 days.


rhinos pregnant

Camels are pregnant for approximately 400 days.


Giraffes are pregnant for approximately 425 days.


Grey rhinos are pregnant for approximately 480 days.

Black rhinos are pregnant for approximately 540 days.

SHORT Pregnancies for These Animals:


Opossoms are pregnant for approximately 12 days.


Hamsters are pregnant for approximately 16 days. According to the interwebs, it’s hard to spay or neuter a hamster – so encourage your pet hamsters to use protection! (I’m kidding, kind of – if it was only that easy! Just don’t buy a male & a female!)


Mice and rats are pregnant for 21 days. It icks me to even type the word r-a-t.


Rabbits are pregnant for 31 days. It’s spring time – we expect a new crop of rabbits running thru our yards in 31 days people!


Skunks are pregnant for 31 days. That stinks.


Dogs are pregnant for 61 days.puppies

My father wasn’t a fan of spaying and neutering his animals. My last pregnancy, he had a poor dog who was pregnant TWICE and delivered a total of 8 puppies – all while I was developing 1 human! (FINALLY, he got the idea and spayed the poor bitch!)


Cats are pregnant for 63 days. Spay or neuter your pets people!


Pigs are pregnant for 114 days.

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