8 Embarrassing Pregnancy Stories

Pregnancy is a wonderful endeavor. It’s amazing what your body is able to do to create life—really, it is. However, there are lots of not-so-fun aspects to pregnancy as well. I found seven women willing to share some of their most embarrassing stories about being pregnant with you—and I’m sharing one of mine, too! Click through to see the side of pregnancy that we’ll all laugh about in the end.

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Click through to read 8 embarrassing pregnancy stories from real moms!
What's That Smell? 2 of 9
When I got pregnant with my daughter four years ago, I started sweating a ton. The only thing to quell the stink permeating from my arm pits was to invest in prescription-strength deodorant, and Secret's variety is my favorite option. A few weeks ago I ran out of my deodorant and decided to use my husband's. By 4 PM, I started stinking like my middle school students after PE. And don't get me started on the days I totally forgot deodorant thanks to pregnancy brain. I thought it was a student stinking until I got home and realized it was me.
Excuse Me While I Puke 3 of 9
"When I was about 10 weeks along, I had HORRENDOUS morning sickness. One day I came home from class, moaning and groaning the entire walk home. After getting into my apartment my husband, who had just had dinner and was feeling a little gassy, passed gas as soon as I walked into the door. I inhaled and immediately had to run to the bathroom to puke!"
Melissa S., soon-to-be mom of twin girls from Berkeley, California
Snail Trail 4 of 9
"One awesome bonus of pregnancy hormones is the cervical mucus you get to sport. Yeah... that term grosses me out too so me and my friends have just rolled with the lovely 'snail trail' to up the awkward. You pretty much need stock in pantyliners in those last months. Brace yourself."
Brandy M., mom of two from Raleigh, North Carolina
Hemorrhoids 5 of 9
"Let's just talk about the gift of hemorrhoids. That's the gift that keeps on giving long after birth."
Lindsay S., mom of one from Seattle, Washington
Where's the Bathroom? 6 of 9
"I peed myself ALL the time from laughing to sneezing. One time I peed so unexpectedly that we thought my water broke and I actually went in to the doctor to get checked."
Jenni B., mom of one from Portland, Oregon
What Stinks? 7 of 9
"I was constantly farting while walking or turning over in bed, and I had zero control over it."
Lacey V., mom of one from Seattle, Washington
Pregnancy Brain Strikes Again 8 of 9
"One time I got into the shower still wearing my bra. Another time I poured coffee into my cereal. Oh, pregnancy brain!"
Robin S., mom of one and one on the way from Seattle, Washington
Business Casual 9 of 9
"I wore workout pants with my suit jacket and pretended they were suit pants because they had a back pocket."
Kate S., mom of two from Seattle, Washington
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