Epic Pedicure: Better Than Sex

If I said my feet weren’t swollen or in need of a good pedicure… I would be lying. And Tuesday night once my husband got home from work I took off and headed to a new nail salon in my town, recommended by a girlfriend of mine.

I had been going to the same place for a decade, and after not being able to fit me in the one evening I was child free, I decided I had no choice but to jump ship, and I couldn’t be more glad I did.

Not only did I need the pedicure, but it was probably the best pedicure I have ever had.  Before I headed out I heard a couple warnings about a pressure point on my foot sending me into labor… A point I know all about as I used it when I was in labor with my second son to keep my contractions coming as I struggled to try and achieve a VBAC. But at 38 weeks pregnant, if I went into labor, I really would probably feel a giant sigh of relief, not panic!

I walked in and sat right down, and the amazing, and life changing pedicure began. Full with warm bubbly water, and the optional 10 minute foot and leg massage I opted to tack on. I mean seriously, I am super pregnant, I am on my feet most of the day chasing toddlers, and honestly… $10 for 10 minutes in heaven seemed like a cheap price to pay!

I am sure anyone watching my twitter feed around that time was super jealous too!

Totally amazing for sure!  And lets face it… how many women this far into the third trimester even want to think about sex, let alone get into the flying seahorse position just to be able to make sex actually work.  Not me!

Even though I have an ass load of stuff left on my to-do list… I could honestly say after tonight and the foot treatment I got… I could go into labor at any moment without a worry in my mind and be 100% content.

My biggest recommendation in the last weeks of pregnancy… treat yourself to the same!  Heck, come on over to Connecticut and I will bring you over to my new favorite place on earth!

photo: consumerist

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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