Ethan Hawke Expecting Fourth Child

Hawke expecting fourth child.

He once called fatherhood “the greatest pleasure of my life.”

Life is about to get more pleasurable for Ethan Hawke. People magazine has confirmed he and his wife Ryan are expecting their second child.

It will be Hawke’s fourth child. He has two children, Maya, now 12, and Levon, 9, with ex-wife Uma Thurman.

You may remember, Ryan Hawke is the former nanny to Hawke and Thurman’s children. She and Ethan married when she was 7 months pregnant with their daughter, Clementine Jane, now 2-years-old.

In 2006, Ethan Hawke said parenting was brought him the greatest joy and was “the only role that, if I fail, I will consider my life a failure.”

I dig Ethan Hawke. I once followed him for several blocks in New York City because I’m creepy like that. He was deeply engrossed in what seemed to be an extremely cerebral conversation with a friend. I tried my damnedest to hear what they were saying, but alas, I would have stepped on his heels if I moved in any closer.

At any rate, he was very low key and struck me as a cool dude in as much as one can tell if someone’s a cool dude from following them around Manhattan. Maybe that’s because he will always be the prototypical beautifully yet troubled Gen X slacker from Reality Bites. I’d bear his children, which, I suppose is my unorthodox way of saying congratulations to the lovely couple.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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Ethan Hawke Expecting Fourth Child

ethan hawke
Ethan Hawke to be a Dad Again!

Ethan Hawke tends to stay out of the public eye as far as his personal life goes, but a source has confirmed that his wife, Ryan Shawhughes, is pregnant with their second child, which is actually Ethan’s fourth!

Ethan and Ryan have one daughter, Clementine, and Ethan’s other two kids, Maya and Levon, are from his marriage to actress Uma Thurman. Hawke and Shawhughes met when she served as Maya and Levon’s nanny, which seems to be a prime way to snag a husband in Hollywood.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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