Getting Excited For Our Baby's Arrival

Cute families like this one get me excited to have a little one of my own.

Last week while doing set styling for some family photo shoots at The Ace Hotel here in Portland with my genius photographer friend Lisa Warninger, I had the pleasure of meeting Alyson Brown of Unruly Things (and Unruly Little Things!) and her super adorable family.

I remember reading Alyson’s pregnancy posts here at Babble when I first discovered it and she got me hooked.  I loved reading about her pregnancy journey and then even more about her little boy Wolf as she blogged for Baby’s First Year.

Seeing how her little family has grown from two to three made me super excited for our growing family and to find out what life is going to be like with all the changes.  It seems like every day I’m noticing little things around me that are getting me more excited for baby Fern’s arrival, so I thought I’d take a minute to make a list of all these little excitement-inducing things.

Read my list after the jump!

Things that are getting me excited for our baby’s arrival:

1.  Seeing cute families like Alyson’s.

2.  Noticing that the expiration date on our milk is just about even with Fern’s due date.

3.  Christmas – I can’t wait to have a little one around at this time next year – it’s going to be so much fun!

4.  Washing and sorting Fern’s teeny tiny clothes.

5.  Reading my birthing books.  This is about to get real!

6.  My increasing number of midwife appointments.

7.  Buying my “birthing outfit”.

8.  Seeing the numbers dwindling on my chalkboard countdown.

9.  Going on fun adventures with our friends who have kids and dreaming about bringing along our own little one on future adventures.

10.  Thinking about those post-baby workouts.  Who knew I would ever feel excited about the prospect of hardcore workouts?

What things are getting you excited for your little one’s arrival?

Main photo by: {Lisa Warninger} via {Alyson Brown at Unruly Things}

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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