Expert Fashion Advice: 5 Maternity Pieces to Make Pregnant Life Easier!

I’m super excited about the fashion series I’m kicking off today! I’ve teamed up with Jennifer Romolini, the amazing and style-savvy Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo! Shine. Jennifer has shared with me some of the best maternity-fashion advice, and I’m thrilled to be able to pass these expert tips on to Babble readers!

We start today with the 5 Maternity Pieces to Make Pregnant Life Easier! I told Jennifer I’m about as low maintenance as they come. Sure, I like to look nice (who doesn’t?). But 99.99999% of the time, I prefer being comfortable to looking like I just stepped onto the runway (which, let’s face it: I never look like that). Add pregnancy into the mix, and you’re lucky if I get out of my PJs.

Jennifer’s advice to me and all expectant moms? You don’t need to buy an entire new wardrobe when you’re pregnant (which is awesome because holy hell maternity clothes are expensive!). A lot of what you already own will fit you and will actually look really cute and stylish as you start to pop a belly. But you will need things to supplement, and these 5 items will make your pregnant life way easier!

  • Things Are Hard Enough Already; Your Clothes Shouldn’t Have to Be 1 of 8
    Things Are Hard Enough Already; Your Clothes Shouldn't Have to Be
    Get a handle on the basics of maternity wear, and getting dressed over the next nine months won't be (as much of) a headache!
  • Supportive Bra 2 of 8
    Supportive Bra
    This was the first on Jennifer's list! When it comes to comfort, it's all about the boobies. In fact, Jennifer says, "Your boobs are going to grow bigger and rounder and crazier looking than when Violet turns into a blackberry in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Her favorite? This super supportive one from Spanx (Jennifer got it in black!) functional and cute! She even admits to sleeping in it some nights!
    Order yours from A Pea in the Pod for $39.99!
  • Maternity Jeans (Splurge!) 3 of 8
    Maternity Jeans (Splurge!)
    Maternity jeans are a must. But a good pair that are actually comfortable and stylish will make your life easier. Jennifer's faves are Paige Maternity Jeans, but they run upwards of $200 a pair. She suggests looking for them on eBay, which is where she scored hers for $75.
    Order yours from Bloomingdales for $199!
    Or find 'em on eBay!
  • Maternity Jeans (Affordable!) 4 of 8
    Maternity Jeans (Affordable!)
    Not into spending that kind of money on jeans? No problem! There are plenty of more affordable styles out there. Jennifer's best advice when it comes to choosing a pair: "You'll need jeans that make you feel awesome about your butt, because your relationship with your stomach is going to get very complicated very fast."
    Order yours from zulily for $14.99 and up!
  • Fitted Tanks and Tees 5 of 8
    Fitted Tanks and Tees
    Fitted tanks and tees are going to be the foundation of every outfit, especially, Jennifer says, "when your tops and bottoms just stop meeting and there's nothing you can do to keep your belly contained and not look like midriff-baring Britney circa 2011." Long, fitted, and comfortable tees and tanks will be your best friends as your belly goes from pop to BANG!
    Order yours from Shai Shai Maternity for $48!
  • Maternity Dress(es) 6 of 8
    Maternity Dress(es)
    Maternity dresses can be the simplest and easiest way to look great and feel comfortable. Jennifer recommends finding one (or two or three!) that fits you well, and makes you feel pretty and sexy! The right dress will likely be go-to gear when you're too tired and uncomfortable to wear anything else.
    Order yours from Fillyboo Maternity for $150.29!
  • Swimwear 7 of 8
    If you're pregnant during the summer, you'll want a swimsuit that doesn't make you feel like a whale. I just adore this fun polka dot one that can be worn multiple different ways!
    Order yours from Bella Blu Maternity for $71!
  • Maternity Coat 8 of 8
    Maternity Coat
    Being pregnant in the winter means you will need a good maternity coat. Jennifer says that anything with belts, especially coats, helps you "not look like a weird ball with limbs." And really, I think we can all agree that's not the look any of us are shooting for.
    Order yours from Gilt for $107!

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