Bacon Will Make Your Baby Smart

How to nice to wake up to the news that nutrients found in egg yolks and bacon play a key role in  fetal brain development.

Scientists at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill have found that a diet high in choline– which is found in egg yolks, bacon, offal such as kidneys and liver, wheat germ, milk and leafy greens– helps with fetal blood vessel growth, which is crucial for early brain development.


Dr Gerald Weissmann, editor of the journal which published the research told The Telegraph: “We may never be able to call bacon a health food with a straight face, but [similar studies] are already making us rethink what we consider healthy and unhealthy.”

The scientists fed three groups of pregnant mice a low choline diet, a high choline diet and a standard diet, and then looked at the brains of their pups. Mice whose mothers were fed too little choline, had fewer blood vessels in their brains than the other mice. If a growing fetus has too few blood vessels, the brain doesn’t develop properly.

The authors of the study are (naturally) excited about the discovery. And shockingly, they believe that most pregnant women in America don’t get enough choline in their diets. With all the recent talk about our greasy diets, you’d think bacon consumption wouldn’t be lacking here!

I’m usually annoyed an skeptical about anything that makes “your baby smart” because it just amounts to pressure. But if that pressure comes in the form of a bacon and egg sandwich, eh, it’s not so bad.

photo: Jacobms/Flickr

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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