Explaining How Babies Are Made to Children

Where do Babies come from?
Explaining to your kids where babies come from isn't easy!

Explaining how babies are made to our children has been interesting. The explanation process has begun, but people, this is NOT  an easy task!

There is the penis and vagina and after that, you are suppose to tell these sweet innocent children who sing Bible songs all about intercourse, pregnancy, sperm, ovulation, menstruation, eggs, fertilization and condoms and teenage pregnancy and and and…. now I’m overwhelmed.

So how do you explain how babies are made to children? Where do you start?

Good question!

Each family with their own individual values and beliefs should use which way is best for them. The one thing I would say, as I struggle to talk to my own kids about this is, you must have the conversation. Not talking about it won’t make it go away. You’ll end up with kids that turn into horny teenagers and then pregnant teenagers… OR just down right confused. (Speaking from experience, my parents never talked sex therefore I had to learn on my own. Not good.)

Our approach is age appropriate. Our 1 year old, we gave him all the full raw details, and are hoping he absorbs it all.

Kidding. We don’t expect him to remember.

Our oldest child just turned 8. She is fascinated with my growing belly, the baby kicking inside – and with being a big sister, yet again.

Her curiosity factor of how the actual baby got in their is just now peaking out it’s head.

This weekend she informed me she knows how I got pregnant. When I asked her how, she said “It’s Daddy and God’s fault. They had a private phone call, decided you should be pregnant and wham you are pregnant!”. Oh child, how I only wish that was the case.

I attempted to use the opportunity as a learning lesson without TOO many details. Gradually explaining that there is a larger process that takes place. Your daddy was involved and it did not involve a phone call to God. I asked what questions she had and her wall went up. So I let it go.

Our goal is to try not to freak our kids out too much. We want to create a comfort level where they can openly ask questions and we can answer without twitching. Or at least no visible twitches. It’s a process we are no where near where we want to be but establishing comfort zones is critical to both my husband and I and the relationship with our children.

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How I DON”T Want My Kids To Answer When Asked Where Babies Come From:

So here is the part where I ask for HELP. No judging, just details.

How Did YOU Explain To Your Kids How Babies Are Made?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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