Family Planning

After we had our first 2 children, I knew instantly we wanted at least a third and possibly a fourth. We had experienced infertility issues with our first, got pregnant on birth control with our second – so after not getting pregnant with no birth control 2 years after having our second I talked to my doctor.

We were in no rush to complete our family, but wanted to know “ideally” what we should do in regards to family planning. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, I LOVE my doctor. She’s real. She’s funny. She tells me how it is (and I give her HELL about that and she still sees me as a patient).

So when I was 29, I sat down with my OBGYN and had the family planning chat. My 2nd child at that time was 3. My doctor went through a series of questions starting about my health and about how many children we wanted 0 ideally. 3, wait. 4. Yes, 4. Well maybe 4.

While she explained that having children later in life was more normal now than ever, since I was in a place to have children, I should plan to have my last no later than 35 to reduce risks and complications. Especially since I had issues with infertility, if treatment was something I would need to pursue, the sooner the better. Since we had been trying for 3 years for our third without the use of birth control, I was given the option of exploring infertility treatments again.

I remember coming home and discussing the plan with the husband. I think the idea of doubling the amount of kids we had at the time possibly caused his sperm to stop swimming for a period of time (joking honey!). We agreed that we would give it to God in regards to our third child and not stress it.

A year after that talk with my OBGYN and husband, I found out I was pregnant. No infertility treatments needed. I delivered Izaiah (our third) when I was 31. And now will have our 4th at 32. I guess my next visit with the doctor will be, now how do I prevent this again?

It’s funny how our family planning actually came together. While it wasn’t necessarily OUR plan, it happened. And for that we are grateful. Life is funny, and we feel blessed.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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