Family Pride: Queer Moms & Dads Are Here to Stay

Around my neck of the woods we are celebrating gay pride. A week of events ranging from the deliciously audacious to the family friendly. I’m a huge fan of all said events, for various reasons. One’s that stand out most for me, of course, as a pregnant woman with a small family, are the Pride Family Events.

I am proud to live in a country where my gay friends and gay parent friends lead by example to all of us, what a beautiful, stable, loving family model is. Or can be. It’s tricky business not getting pigeon-holed as a gay parent, I’m sure – as if that’s all you are, rather than just a parent like the rest of us (who are).

Canadian and U.S. stats alike show that the, ‘traditional model’ of family, with two parents of each gender is in the vast minority of families these days. Single moms and single dads are everywhere. Gay parents are everywhere. World, get over it. Broken families exist in all demographics.

Jerry Agar questions in his piece for the Toronto Sun, ‘Are the streets of the city an appropriate place for public nudity and for throwing condoms to kids in the crowd?’ Jerry, one thing you say in your article rings true. This is but a SMALL portion of the parade. Sure it gets the most media coverage. Just like anything else that entertains, shocks or dismays society. Centuries ago we watched public hangings and death duels as a mass form of entertainment.

My point is, that as parents we get to choose where we bring our kids and what we deem appropriate for their young eyes. Personally? I may ruffle some feathers here, but nudity? Happy, bright colourful naked people? Oh! The horrors! (Yes, this is debatable based on what is pleasing to the eye, no need for another digression though.) As for condoms being thrown in the air? Big whoop. Talk to your kids. Why are these things deemed as so horrible for children to see? Why is it more acceptable to let them spend an afternoon playing horridly violent video games?

Pregnant lesbian moms are writing about their lives and their experiences. They are celebrity chefs, rocks stars and politicians daughters. Gay dads are hot latin singers, Dr. Horrible and Rocket Man. More importantly they are everyday, intelligent, beautiful, well-rounded people rocking parenthood. So some are a little outlandish for certain comfort levels. I have way better things to find offensive going on in this world today.

In real life real things happen. Naked dancing, brightly painted or feathered up, gregarious people parades. Some in ludicrous get-ups. Who just happen to be gay or two-spirited. I happen to think that our children will be the better for it. Especially if we, y’know – have conversations with them.

I’m wondering about Gay Pride and Family Pride events in the U.S. Are they as organized and fabulous? I’d love to hear any of your experiences in attending said events – whether you are a gay family or not. I plan on taking my little one to some of the family events because they look like heaps of fun!

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