Fantasizing About Another Man

I think about him at least a couple times a day. Oh, the way he touches me with his strong and smart hands.

Walking up the stairs, as I carry the umpteenth load of laundry up to my bedroom. As I toss and turn at night, trying to find a comfortable position. When I attempt to lift myself out of our old sofa, I think of him.

I often wonder if he has time for me, a just a few minutes to squeeze me into his busy day.

This man I dream about, he’s not my husband. And no, I’m not having a torrid affair with another man. My marriage is strong, it’s my back that is weak. You see, I fantasize about going to the chiropractor for an adjustment.

From week 15 and beyond, I walk around feeling like my back and neck resemble an open brace symbol more than an actual human spine.

Towards the end of my pregnancy (37 weeks), I start treating myself to a Chiropractic visit once a week. I realize how pathetic it sounds calling the chiropractor a “treat”, as if I’m headed out for a mani or pedi or something.

You see, our insurance doesn’t cover this type of service, and at $65 a pop, it gets spendy fast. But when I do go in for an adjustment, I really walk out feeling like a brand new woman. The spinal pressure has been relieved, the headaches are lifted, and my mood is changed for the better.

I married an engineer, and I love him to the moon and back. But I must be honest, his back rubs are a joke, compared to the the other man I find myself dreaming about.

Do you visit a chiropractor throughout your pregnancy?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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