Fascinating Twin Ultrasound Images From Around The Web

Sharing so much with another human being from the very moment of your existence.

Twins have a unique bond that most of us will never entirely understand.

Can you imagine sharing the same womb? Wait, not just sharing the same womb, the same amniotic sac. Since the very beginning of existence your limbs entwined with the limbs of another…

This month I am suddenly fascinated by ultrasound photos. Probably because I really got to looking at a bunch of them when I created this slideshow that includes some of the most fascinating 4D ultrasound images from around the internet. The photos just blew me away. Click on over, you won’t be disappointed.

Of course I’ve been aware of the 4D ultrasound technology, but my doctor didn’t have that in his office and I just didn’t feel like dragging my enormous pregnant body down to one of the private companies that empty your bank account and ask you to name the baby after them, just to get a glimpse at your kid in 4D. What I’m saying is I looked into it once and that 4D business is expensive.

So really, this is the first time I’ve really taken a good long look at 4D sonograms. I’ve just spent the past hour staring at these images of twins. Twins are on a whole other level.  They’re almost kind of creepy with their ability to nearly read each others’ minds but, after you’ve seen these photos you’ll understand why they’re the way they are.  It’s just amazing.  Twins have a relationship with another human being the rest of us will never be able to experience.  Marriage doesn’t even come close to what twins have.

I think you’ll notice a lot of these images of twins have one thing in common, one very cool thing that twins do in the womb. Check it out after the jump:


  • The Piggyback 1 of 16
    The Piggyback
    Hey bro, can you give me a lift? I'm kind of tired.
  • image-317 2 of 16
    I'm just going to rest my chin right here on your forehead if that's cool with you. Thanks!
  • Tangled 3 of 16
    My knee itches, can you get it? Wait, that's your knee! No, that's your knee too! Where is MY knee?
  • The Kiss 4 of 16
    The Kiss
    Here is the thing many twins in utero have in common: they seem to enjoy kissing.
  • Acardiac Parabiotic Twin 5 of 16
    Acardiac Parabiotic Twin
    This is an extremely rare ultrasound of an Acardiac Parabiotic twin. It's when a sort of other mass doesn't fully develop but stays alive by "sharing" a heart with the other twin. It has no heart of its own and thrives as a parasite off the potentially viable, normal "pump" twin, relying on it for it's nutrition. Actor, Andy Garcia, had a twin like this on his shoulder that was successfully removed.
  • Back to Back 6 of 16
    Back to Back
    I included this one because it's so neat to see how they fit into their little pocket of the womb. These appear to be fraternal twins as it doesn't look like they're sharing an amniotic sac.
  • Another Smooch 7 of 16
    Another Smooch
    Another in utero kiss.
  • The Wrestlers 8 of 16
    The Wrestlers
    These two look like they're playing.
  • The Makeout 9 of 16
    The Makeout
    This appears to be a full on lip lock, which is so sweet.
  • Triplets 10 of 16
    I sneaked in an image with triplets because it's just fascinating to see how they all fit in there like that.
  • image-318 11 of 16
    From even the earliest stages it looks like there is plenty of interaction between the babies.
  • Head To Bum 12 of 16
    Head To Bum
    The twin on the left appears to be staring directly at the camera and grinning.
  • Perspective 13 of 16
    I love the ones that show the entire in utero scenario and you can see the whole little bodies. Tiny matchstick rib cages, little arms...
  • Another Kiss 14 of 16
    Another Kiss
    This twin appears to be kissing his or her sibling on the top of the head.
  • Fraternal 15 of 16
    Another unbelievable glimpse at fraternal twins in their own little pocket of the womb.
  • Ring Around The Rosy 16 of 16
    Ring Around The Rosy
    This one is probably my favorite. It looks like they're clutching each others' hands and kissing the hands.


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