Fat Tuesday? 5 Ways That Pregnancy is Like Mardi Gras!

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras, also known (to us English-speaking folk) as Fat Tuesday.  And on Fat Tuesday there will be a lot of last-minute celebrating before Lent falls upon us.  You know…those 40 days of solitude, prayer, and giving stuff up in order to be sacrificial and await Jesus’ death.  Therefore we have to have an awesome party first, right?

But Fat Tuesday is a little different for pregnant women.  I mean, pregnancy really has a lot in common with Fat Tuesday!  Let’s look at some of the ways!

1) Everyday is “Fat” Tuesday! (Or Wednesday, or Thursday…)

Seriously, all pregnant women feel fat.  A lot.  Early on you’re starting to get bigger but you’re not actually big enough that people can tell you’re pregnant, so you just look and feel fat.  And of course later you’re just huge, so….

2) Everybody’s drinking constantly

Okay, for most it’s beer, and pregnant women it’s water or herbal tea, but the drinking never stops.

3) Everybody’s throwing up

Maybe this is a little different, because the party animals probably drank too much.  Pregnant women are just nauseous with morning sickness.  But, it amounts to the same thing, right?

4) There is tons of food (especially junk)

At parties, people are often eating fried foods and other traditional New Orleans cuisine.  Pregnant women have their random cravings and it’s often junk food.  Regardless, there is tons of food for both! 

5) Everybody’s dressing up!

For Mardi Gras there are masks and fun constumes.  Pregnant women, on the other hand, are frantically searching through their closets, trying to find something that fits.  They’re not above stealing their husband’s clothes and pairing it with fun accessories — whatever it takes to look decent!

Ironic, huh?  Can you think of any other ways that Fat Tuesday and pregnancy are alike?

Top image by National Assembly for Wales

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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