Feeling Weak and Useless – Another Fun Pregnancy Symptom

white moving storage truckWell, we are officially in our temporary apartment after moving out of our starter house this weekend. Notice I didn’t say we’re “settled,” just that we’re physically here. I’m typing from a sea of half empty cardboard boxes. I have no clue where my laptop charger is. Or clean underwear for me for tomorrow. And my kids are currently rolling around in loose packing paper like dogs roll in the grass to get stink off. I think it’s pretty fair to say things are a mess.

So would you like to hear the highlights (or lowlights?) of the move this weekend?

1. During one of the runs to the apartment with the moving truck my husband and his friend were in the truck picking up the couch when they felt a THUD against the side of the truck. My husband ran out to see a car drive away. Someone had hit the truck with people inside it and decided to keep going. Poophead.

2. We had our truck rental from 10-3:30pm which we stupidly thought would be plenty of time. It was not. Not even close. After we returned the truck on Saturday afternoon two-thirds of our house was still on the lawn. Awesome.

3. I really overdid it. I know I wasn’t supposed to lift anything or pack anything but I had no idea how hard it would be to just sit and stand around while my husband and friends did all the work. It was really difficult for me so I kept trying to pack and move stuff anyway and then everyone would yell at me. Plus I had some moving day adrenaline going so I was feeling really energetic. I felt like I could do more than everyone was saying! But you know what? They were all right and I was wrong because by 4pm on Saturday I felt really NOT good. I was having pains in weird places and I felt dizzy and dehydrated and I basically had to go lie down (which is even worse that sitting around during a move).

I found myself in bed listening to everyone struggling with my personal belongings and wishing I could leap out of bed to help. I wasn’t wishing away my pregnancy…I just wanted a two day break from it so I could have my strong body back to help out.

I’m feeling much better now after a great night’s sleep. Now to find that laptop charger…

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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