Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle: The Keys to Successfully Breastfeeding?

Can fenugreek really make a difference in being able to breastfeed or not?

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I was a breastfeeding failure after my daughter was born. I took a class on the subject while I was pregnant, but ultimately found it was useless; unless you’re holding an actual infant so the two of you can figure out together how to make it work, no dolls, techniques or tips will really make a difference.

I just figured we’d get it eventually. Then I got mastitis, and two days after we came home from the hospital we were back in after my daughter wouldn’t feed. And two weeks after she was born I had to breastfeed in public for the first time. It ended up being the last time I both fed my daughter directly from the breast and in public. After that I pumped for four months before throwing in the towel.

Part of my problem was an inadequate milk supply. Towards the end of my breast milk saga I started taking fenugreek and blessed thistle, which are supposed to boost milk production. But by that time I was over it and  I wonder now what would have happened if I had started taking them much sooner.

Fenugreek seed is known to be a milk producing agent that can increase the supply from the breast. Taken with blessed thistle, many believe them to be a miracle cure for struggling lactating mothers.

This time I’ll be taking both right from the very beginning to see if I can’t avoid some of the same problems I had last time (although breastfeeding in public is a whole different beast).

I remember not being thrilled by many things during my last breastfeeding tenure, and among the issues were just how many capsules were needed daily of the herbs. However, this time I just plan on sucking it up — literally. I’m determined to make it work.

Did fenugreek and blessed thistle worked for you? Do you recommend anything else for a successful breastfeeding experience?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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