Fertility, Pregnancy and Labor Deities

Coatlicue, Aztec goddess of fertility, life, death and rebirth

When my husband and I made the decision to start growing our family we didn’t anticipate that we were going to struggle. Although it seemed we didn’t have any trouble getting pregnant – we seemed to be quite fertile – but had trouble holding on to our pregnancies to make it to term.

After our third miscarriage, feeling confused, down and not sure what to do, a friend of mine picked up a fertility statue. Something we were to hang in our bedroom, above our bed that was thought to help with fertility and pregnancy.  I kind of laughed at it when she handed it to me – I didn’t believe in it, it didn’t really fit the decor of the room. I was willing to try anything though and it couldn’t hurt, right?

I had that fertility statue in our room for all of our pregnancies, all our children and it’s now hidden in the closet just in case it does have ‘power’. When/if my husband and I do decide to go for baby #4 we will be breaking out our statue because, as silly as it may sound, I found some comfort in it.

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  • Ala – African Mythology 1 of 18
    Ala - African Mythology
    Goddess of Fertility
    Attribution: Ukabia at en.wikipedia
  • Anahit – Armenian mythology 2 of 18
    Anahit - Armenian mythology
    Goddess of fertility and healing, wisdom and water
  • Cihuacoatl -Aztec mythology 3 of 18
    Cihuacoatl -Aztec mythology
    Goddess of motherhood, fertility and midwives
    Attribution: Madman2001 at en.wikipedia
  • Patecatl – Aztec mythology 4 of 18
    Patecatl - Aztec mythology
    God of healing and fertility
  • Tzitzimimeh – Aztec mythology 5 of 18
    Tzitzimimeh - Aztec mythology
    A group of star deities associated with fertility
  • Xochiquetzal – Aztec mythology 6 of 18
    Xochiquetzal - Aztec mythology
    Goddess of fertility, beauty, female sexual power, protection of young mothers, pregnancy, childbirth
  • SaulÄ— – Baltic mythology 7 of 18
    SaulÄ— - Baltic mythology
    Solar goddess of life and fertility, warmth and health
  • Nantosuelta – Celtic mythology 8 of 18
    Nantosuelta - Celtic mythology
    Goddess of nature, the earth, fire, and fertility
    Attribution: QuartierLatin1968 at en.wikipedia
  • St. Anne – Catholic mythology 9 of 18
    St. Anne - Catholic mythology
    Patron saint of pregnancy and mothers
  • St. Raymond Nonnatus – Catholic mythology 10 of 18
    St. Raymond Nonnatus - Catholic mythology
    Patron saint of childbirth, midwives, children, and pregnant women
  • Tawaret- Egyptian mythology 11 of 18
    Tawaret- Egyptian mythology
    Goddess of fertility and childbirth
    Attribution: Jeff Dahl at en.wikipedia
  • Isis- Egyptian mythology 12 of 18
    Isis- Egyptian mythology
    Goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility
    Attribution: Jeff Dahl at en.wikipedia
  • Ilithyia – Greek mythology 13 of 18
    Ilithyia - Greek mythology
    goddess of childbirth and midwifery
  • Kamapua’a – Hawaiian mythology 14 of 18
    Kamapua'a - Hawaiian mythology
    Demi-god of fertility
    Attribution: Oscar O Oscar at en.wikipedia
  • Kichijōten – Japanese mythology 15 of 18
    Kichijōten - Japanese mythology
    Goddess of happiness, fertility, and beauty
  • Ixchel- Maya mythology 16 of 18
    Ixchel- Maya mythology
    Jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicine
  • Terra – Roman Mythology 17 of 18
    Terra - Roman Mythology
    Earth goddess associated with marriage, motherhood, pregnant women, and pregnant animals
  • Živa – Slavic mythology 18 of 18
    Živa - Slavic mythology
    Goddess of love and fertility

::Would you/ have you ever had a fertility statue for help? ::

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