Finding Out the Gender of the Baby is Important to My Kids

genderWhen I first got pregnant, my husband and I had decided that, just like our last pregnancy, we would not be finding out the gender before the baby’s birth. I did know for my first two kids—a boy and a girl—so really, which ever gender the baby turns out to be, we were prepared (stuff-wise) and happy either way.

I had been very anxious in those pregnancies, waiting to know. I would count down the time until my 20 week anatomy ultrasound and plead with the baby to cooperate and give us a peek. I didn’t have that same drive when I was pregnant with my third child and while I ended up finding out myself before delivery (I had a peek at an ultrasound I had while in the hospital at 32 weeks and saw the goods), it was a total surprise for my husband who was convinced it was a boy. (She wasn’t.)

I wanted a for-real surprise this time. I didn’t want to know until my husband announced it when the baby was born. And that was my plan, until the kids started talking.

My son really wants the baby to be a boy. He has two sisters, and while he says he would be just as happy and thrilled and in love with a third sister, he talks all the time about how he hopes the baby is a boy. We have had many talks about how it’s not in my hands and it could be a boy or a girl (after we confirmed there was only one in there) and I know he understands, but my daughters want the baby to be another girl and so we made the decision to find out the gender earlier than birth if baby allows.

While I don’t see anything wrong with this conversation, I didn’t want to go 9-10 months with my kids having their heart set on a particular gender only for it to go the other way. I’d like the bonding and transition to go as easily as possible for all of us and since my kids are older and they’re understanding a lot about what’s going on, my husband and I both feel it’s best this way. And really, it doesn’t matter too much to us either way.

:: What are/were your reasons for finding or not finding out your babe’s gender? ::

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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