Finding the Perfect Breast Pump

I plan on breastfeeding my baby when she is born, just as I did with my first for her first year. There is something so amazing about the bond you build with your child when you are breastfeeding them. The way that it makes you feel, like you are the only one that can provide what they truly need. While that is an incredible responsibility, the fulfillment that it gave me is unlike anything ever before.

Being able to stay at home with the baby will make it easier to exclusively breastfeed, however I know I will have those moments of either necessity or exhaustion that require me to express my breast milk so that she can drink it from a bottle.

While I still have my breast pump from my first pregnancy, the kind of breast pump that I need has changed. Now that I will have a two-year-old to run after as well as a newborn,  a double electric pump that is efficient and fits with my lifestyle will be the best.  So I am on the hunt for the perfect breast pump.

When I started to research different electric breast pumps, I didn’t realize how many different types were available with so many different features. After looking around for several weeks, I was finally able to narrow down my long list.

Here are some of the double electric breast pumps on the market that are sure to fit my needs:

  • Hygeia Baby Enjoye Professional Grade Breast Pump 1 of 7
    Hygeia Baby Enjoye Professional Grade Breast Pump
    I've heard so many great things about the Hygeia brand. The Enjoye breast pump has the ability to single or double pump and also has a rechargeable battery for battery dependent moms. One of my favorite features of this pump is the unique Hygeia CARE Button for customized audio recording experience so you can record your baby or other sound to enhance your breast pumping experience. It is also a green breast pump so it can be recycled for other moms to enjoy it when you no longer need it.
    For more information visit Hygeia Baby, $319.99
  • Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump 2 of 7
    Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump
    The Affinity breast pump is one of the most affordable electric double breast pumps on the market. Lansinoh has long been a trusted brand for nursing moms. A great feature of this breast pump is that it can be used with an AC adaptor or batteries which makes it easy for on the go moms.
    For more information visit Lansinoh, $169.99
  • Medela Freestyle Breast Pump 3 of 7
    Medela Freestyle Breast Pump
    This is the ultimate pump for the multi-tasking pumping mom. The Freestyle is the first hands-free, double-electric pump from Medela. The battery operated recharageble pump allows you to pump anywhere and give you the ability to do just about anything while pumping!
    For more information visit Medela, $399.99
  • Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump 4 of 7
    Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump
    Another one of the more affordable breast pumps on the market, the Ameda Purely Yours has over 32 combinations to give you more custom control on your pumping. One of the great aspects of this breast pumps is that it comes with a car adaptor, which allows for emergency pumping sessions when you are out and about.
    For more information visit Ameda, $159.95
  • Philips Avent Twin Electronic Breast Pump 5 of 7
    Philips Avent Twin Electronic Breast Pump
    The Avent Twin Electric breast pump is said to be clinically proven to express similar amounts of milk as some of the hospital grade pumps, which is a great thing, because as any nursing mom knows, your breast milk is like liquid gold. What I love about this electric breast pump is that it has a unique memory feature that learns and continues your personal pumping rhythm. This allows for comfort and ease for each pumping session.
    For more information visit Philips, $199.99
  • Simplesse Double Electric Companion Breast Pump 6 of 7
    Simplesse Double Electric Companion Breast Pump
    The Simplesse electric breast pump was designed by lactation consultants that truly know the ins and outs of breast feeding. This breast pump features a unique compression technology which is designed to help minimize tugging and pulling. This technology isn't used on any other breast pump on the market.
    For more information visit Simplesse, $329.99
  • The First Years miPump Double Electric Breast Pump 7 of 7
    The First Years miPump Double Electric Breast Pump
    The miPump is the least expensive double electric breast pump on the market that I've seen. It's designed to make your pumping experience quick and efficient. It features a unique handle which allows you to pump one handed while having some freedom to do other things.
    For more information visit The First Years, $199.99

Are you planning on breastfeeding?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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