First Family Christmas Tree

We put up our Christmas tree this weekend. We also took a family photo, WITH OUR BEAST OF A DOG, for our holiday card.

It’s been a mighty productive weekend, I gotta say. I’m a little proud of myself, considering all I really wanted to do was go see the new Twilight movie and consume a large popcorn (ok not really… maybe I considered it… only for a brief minute).

But, as I spread out the branches of the tree, and my belly bump repositioned some others, I realized this is our very first family Christmas tree.

Paul and I have been married for over 7 years, and we’ve never gotten a Christmas tree until now. Is that odd? For our first few Christmases, we traveled and so we didn’t bother with decorating our home. Usually we would travel through both Christmas and New Years, arriving home just when everyone seemed to be taking their holiday decorations down.

Then there were a couple of Christmases when Paul was deployed, and on those years, I would celebrate Christmas at my mom and dad’s house along with my brother, and it was kind of like I was home from college all over again.

In terms of my own house though, when Paul was gone over Christmas, I would boycott the holiday all together.

And then Jackson came along.

Babies are funny with holidays because they really don’t notice a thing except for twinkling lights, and parents get all excited with “Baby’s 1st _____________” (insert appropriate holiday) but the kidlets themselves really have no idea what’s going on.

So when I say that we never really got around to investing in a tree for Christmas, I really do mean that we just never got around to it. I guess we never saw a reason to have one in our own home until now.

Now Jackson is three and a half. He was curious about Santa last year, but this year he is ALL ABOUT SANTA and all things Christmas. He has been asking about Christmas since Halloween. In fact, I think he wanted Halloween to be over because he truly thought Christmas would be the very next day. We have somewhat deterred him from his constant Christmas chatter by focusing on Thanksgiving this week, as we host my family at our home (another first for us), but I know as soon as the pies are eaten and the dishes are washed, he will wonder if Christmas is next.

I like having this tree now. It suits us and our family at this point in time. I don’t wish we had gotten one sooner. We weren’t ready for it then. We’re ready for it now… and next Christmas, we will have a little baby girl to share our tree with too.

What does the holiday season have you pondering? Any firsts for your family coinciding with the holidays?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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