Readers Respond: What Was the First Thing Your Partner Said When They First Saw Your Baby?

That first moment we meet our children is something we can’t really forget. Whether we get to see them right as the enter the world or wait for whatever circumstance — that first moment is magic.

I can still remember the first thing I said when Big P was born — my husband just sort of stood there in shock (granted Big P was born not yet breathing and needed some intervention) and he didn’t say much. There was that look in his eye though — that life was going to be forever different.

I was shocked myself that *that* came out of my body. So weird when you think about it — he looked huge (he wasn’t that big at 8lbs 1oz) but sometimes you can’t help what comes out of your mouth. Must be even stranger for our partners who have watched our bodies change, grow and create this whole new life.  Click to see how Babble readers responded to the question “What was the first thing your partner said when s/he first saw your baby?“:

1. “We didn’t see our daughter until 8 hours after having her. We saw her in the NICU and my husband immediately said, “Wow, look at her toes! They are crazy toes.” LOL.” – Sydney

2. “WOW she’s a big one! 10lbs of pure beauty!” – Maggie

3. “He passed out.. And couldnt say” – Kimberly

4. ‘Dang he looks just like my dad!’ Sure enough he does hes now 11 and is the spitting image of his grandpa 😉 Gotta love them strong genes.” – Linda

5. ‘”Ž” Is his nose going to stay that smooshed?” – Jessica

6. “She’s so tiny. (I gave birth at 31+1)” – Heidi

7. “He looks just likee me and he has alot of hair! Hes so stronq, look! hes already holding his head up to look around!” – Jay

8. “IT’S A BOY!!!(Did not know the sex going in) With tears in his eyes!” – Meridith

9. “He’s cute! – Celissa

10. “Later he told me thank you for giving him a beautiful son. : )” – Michelle

11. “He wasn’t there at her birth. He didnt get to see her till she was a week old due to deployment. The first thing he said was let me see my baby. :)” – Honesty

12. “Mine just cried” – Ninjette

13. “With our first son he said “He has a head full of blonde hair!” with our second he said “He looks just like his big brother!”” – Chelsea

14. “Mine said OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD ! LOL It was like he couldn’t belive she was here.” – Tara

15. “GIRL! GIRL! After 3 boys!” – Deborah

16. “My husband said Oh My God she is PERFECT with tears coming down!!! Best day of my life!!” – Katy

17. “After I gave birth to our daughter he came to me and said shes beautiful and made sure to let me know that she has all 10 fingers & toes” – Melissa

18. “Look, Its Naomi… I’d recognize her anywhere!” – Katelyn

19. “#1-Thank God she looks like me! #2-Oh my God, she’s so tiny! (#2 was born at 27 weeks. 2lb 1oz and only 11 in, so yes, he was right lol)” – Kara

20. “Wow was that cord harder to cut than I thought!” – Kathryn

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