First Trimester Screen?

This pamphlet was given to me at my first obgyn visit for this current pregnancy.

4 years ago, when I was pregnant with Jackson, I had a quad screen test done once I was nearing 20 weeks of pregnancy. Thankfully for us, my quad screen came back fine and we were blessed with a healthy baby boy 19 weeks later.

From my understanding, this test is common for pregnant women, and looks at four substances in your blood that may be able to help pinpoint whether or not the mother needs further testing to determine any chromosome abnormalities.

What I learned at my last obgyn appointment was that there is now a version of this test offered in the first trimester. And this test, this First Trimester Screen, should you choose to have it done, must be done before the mother reaches 13 weeks and 6 days.

I understand the importance of prenatal testing. The information received from the tests can be extremely helpful and certainly valuable in planning for the birth of the baby. The option of being able to proactively prepare, should you be carrying a child with a birth defect, can be important in so many ways.

To me, there is no distorting that. Those are the facts. Those are what the tests (should you choose to have them done) are able to do for you, as an expectant parent.

But, do you want to have the test done? Do you want to know?

And in the case of this test, do you want to know this information in the first trimester of your pregnancy?

As I am approaching my 13th week of pregnancy, I am asking myself these questions, educating myself as much as possible, and wondering if you were offered this test too. If so, did you have it done? Would you have it done?

The first trimester screen is not currently listed as a ‘medically necessary’ test to have done, therefore it is not covered by all insurance companies, and can be costly for some.

What are your experiences with these genetic tests that are offered?

Thank you in advance, for those of you who share your stories in the comments. I understand that discussing personal information, especially regarding your pregnancy (like genetic testing) can be difficult to do.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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