First ultrasound: Could there be two in there?

I was supposed to have my first OB appointment a week ago, but we had a pretty major snowstorm (for Tennessee anyway), so my appointment got pushed back to Friday of last week. I was kind of nervous about showing up back in my OB’s office only 6 months after giving birth to Baby G. Everyone – nurses, techs and doctors – knows me pretty well at this office because I’ve had several of my babies with them. Also, they all held my hand through the awful final months of my last pregnancy, when I was also grieving the death of my teenage son Henry, who died only three weeks before Baby G was born.

I guess I was afraid that when everyone in the office saw me, they might be judgy. I mean, I have to admit to a slight bit of embarrassment at ending up pregnant again only a few months after birthing what I assured EVERYONE was most definitely my final baby. Now I will be having NewBaby only about 13 months after LastBaby – “just like Britney Spears,” as one friend teased me the other day.

But when I got in to the office, everyone was incredibly kind and nice. Not only did nurses and the ultrasound tech and my doctor NOT seem judgy, they all seemed genuinely thrilled for me, even as I continue to adjust to the whole idea myself. Sure, everyone seemed quite surprised to see me – there were definitely a few doubletakes – but surprise turned into big hugs.

This appointment wasn’t supposed to be a full OB work-up, but just a chance to draw initial labwork and perform a dating ultrasound. Jon came with me, and I think we both half expected to hear that we had made a mistake, that I am not pregnant at age 43 only a few months after having my last baby. But when the ultrasound tech started waving the wand around, it was immediately clear that I am indeed, quite thoroughly pregnant – about 6 weeks 5 along on the day of the ultrasound (which is at least a week earlier than I thought).

I have this secret terror that I am going to end up with twins, since I have read that older moms and women with a lot of children (that would be me, and me) are far more likely to conceive twins.  So even though it only looked like one tiny, twinkling heartbeat in there, I asked the very obliging ultrasound tech to look extra closely to be sure she didn’t see another one in there. She poked and prodded and said she definitely only saw one baby. But I keep reading (because I am doing my neurotic Googling thing again) that sometimes, early ultrasounds only show one baby but miss a second baby, a twin hiding in there somewhere.  So my paranoia that a great cosmic joke will be played on me and that baby #6 will actually be babies #6 and 7 continues unabated. I don’t think I will feel totally out of the woods until I have another ultrasound or two to confirm the singleton.

My initial labwork showed a progesterone level of 12.5, so my doctor has started me on oral prometrium supplements. My HCG level was over 28,000, so no concerns there.  All in all, it was a good first visit, although I really am still kind of in shock about this pregnancy – our whole family is. I admit that I feel a little off kilter and disoriented by it. I truly, truly thought we were done, and the odds of this happening given the circumstances are pretty astronomical. I can’t quite get my head around it yet.

Now is your chance to reassure me that if my early ultrasound only showed one baby, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY WHATSOEVER that there could actually be a twin hiding in there. Please tell me that missing a twin on ultrasound JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN and that I should quite fretting about this. Okay? Can you tell me that, please? Thanks – Katie


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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