First Woman to Become Pregnant via Womb Transplant Loses Baby

Womb Transplant Recipient Loses Baby

I first told you back in March about the Turkish woman who hoped — along with doctors — to achieve the first ever successful pregnancy after a womb transplant by way of transferring a single embryo into her new uterus. About a month after that, I reported that the embryo transfer was successful, and that the woman was indeed pregnant.

Well, today, I sadly inform you that she has lost the baby after discovering there was no heartbeat at her 8 week ultrasound.

The 22-year-old Turkish woman was born without a uterus — as are 5,000 woman worldwide. When I first heard of the story, I was immediately fascinated. Here was a woman who wanted so badly to become a mother that she was willing to undergo a very extensive transplant procedure — with no guaranteed outcomes.

As a woman who has her own fertility struggles, I was humbled by this woman’s strength. Admittedly, I wondered, “How far is too far? Would I ever do something so extreme?” And I came to my very own conclusions: There are no lengths too far to go to become a mother; those lengths are different for every woman; and only the woman involved knows her own limits.

I’ve been rooting for this young mother from the get-go. And I’m saddened tonight for this woman whom I do not know. I’m saddened that she has fought so hard to become a mother, yet only knows what 8 weeks of that feels like. I’m saddened for her loss.

But — even without knowing this woman — like countless women who experience a pregnancy loss, I know this is not how her story ends. She will grieve the loss of her Little One, much like I grieved (and still grieve) the loss of my twins, much like thousands of women grieve the loss of their own pregnancies. And she will find the strength to try again. With the power of a mother’s love.


Source: Reuters 
Photo: iStockphoto

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