Five Creative Ways To Document Your Pregnancy

baby bump photosI know little to nothing about my mom’s pregnancy with me. I was her seventh child so it was probably just routine by then. I do know that this was the time before ultrasounds were common place so my gender was a total surprise. I’m pretty sure they were hoping for a boy since they already had six girls. I would love to hear more about it now that I’m hoping for my own pregnancy journey to begin soon.

Your children will probably wonder about your pregnancy as well someday. I love these five examples of women documenting their pregnancies in creative ways. I would like to do something similar to share with my children when they are older. 

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    Carolee takes a photo of her bump while holding the fruit or vegetable that coincides with the baby's current size.
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    Ryan, a professional photographer, first did this beautiful series of photographs and captions to document his wife's pregnancy week by week.
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    Then he did a similar series for a friend called Walk To 40 Weeks with photos of the stunning mama-to-be taking her daily walk.
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    A nice book printed after the pregnancy. I'm sure her child will love to look at this when they're older.
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    This is a personal favorite of mine because I love polaroid photography. Easy but cute.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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