Five Things An Infertile Couple Should Never Say

These Are ThingsWe’ve talked about the hyper-sensitivity that comes with infertility.  You’d think that this kind of struggle would make the most tactful people because, of all people, infertile couples should know how to be sensitive.  However, I’ve heard stories of jealously manifesting itself in rudeness towards others announcing a pregnancy. So while you should watch your words around infertile couples, they need to watch their words, too. Here are five things I think we should avoid in our speech:

1. Were you even trying?!
Infertile couples can all to often assume pregnancy comes easy to nearly everyone else.

2. Why don’t you save some babies for the rest of us?
It doesn’t work that way.

3. Please don’t get pregnant before me.
Fertility shouldn’t turn into a competition and you can’t dictate other people’s decisions.

4. I can’t believe you’re getting an epidural! Labor can’t hurt that bad.
I’m not one to judge other’s pain levels.

5. Are you done?
With kids that is.

I am sorry If anyone is the recipient of one of these kinds of statements.  I understand the feelings behind those statements but we can all do better, support one another, and celebrate the miracle of pregnancy.

image: These Are Things

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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