Florida Hospital Has A 71% C-Section Rate?

One Florida hospital may not be very up front with their expecting mothers on at least one thing… Their sky high c-section rate!  Can you imagine going in to delivery your child, and finding out that the hospital you have locally, or have picked for your delivery has an almost 3/4 c-section delivery rate?

Through a nation wide project to showcase the c-section rates at all hospitals that provide labor and delivery services, the popular online blog The has been providing state by state c-section rates for all of the hospitals. When the stats for Florida popped up and showed one hospital to be at 71.2% of all births ending in surgical deliveries… I was stopped dead in my tracks. Huh?  What in the world?  What on earth justifies a c-section rate THAT HIGH????

According to the World Health Organization, a hospital should have a c-section rate under 15% at the highest. Meaning… the absolute highest. So why did Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami have a c-section delivery rate of 71.2%?   Surely those deliveries are not all medically necessary procedures… which brings me to my next question…

Why aren’t insurance companies investigating, and challenging the validity of these procedures, especially at such high rates from this hospital? A friend of mine who had two c-sections, both medically necessary had to actually prove her second c-section was medically necessary in order to have the insurance actually pay the hospital.

With the recommendations we see from the World Health Organization, the current push across the country to lower c-section rates, and increase VBAC options, how can Kendall Regional Medical Center continue to deliver so many babies via unnecessary surgery that when not medically necessary is risky to mothers and babies?

Their sign above clearly states they baby mothers and newborns, and rightfully so… after major abdominal surgery, those mothers do need special, and more gentle care. But how much of that could be avoided if the hospital stopped intervening in the natural process of childbirth?

There is simply no justification for a 70+% c-section rate… at all!

photo: The Unnecesarean

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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