Follow Up Ultrasound Today!

As many of you have been following, I had an alarming ultrasound about three weeks ago. I was alarmed at the lack of growth I was experiencing in my belly region, so I talked to my midwife about it and we decided an ultrasound would put everyone’s mind at ease. Especially mine.

When I went for that ultrasound they discovered some big discrepancies in my daughters head size when compared to the rest of her body. I wrote a small post about it called Always Trust Mothers Intuition, which I shared the initial results of the ultrasound that day.

For the past three weeks, I have been scared, counting every kick, measuring every movement she makes, and when she takes a nap for a couple hours, I always worry that there is something wrong.

Today I finally go for the follow up ultrasound to do her measurements all over again, and while I know in the back of my head that ultrasound measurements in the third trimester have a decent inaccuracy rate, knowing that these ultrasounds could prevent a serious complication to her makes me know they are completely necessary.  My main worry at this point, along with the perinatologists on staff at the hospital I am going to for the high risk ultrasound are concerned about growth restriction. Something I never had with either of my sons, but better safe than sorry.

Three weeks have gone by, and I am slightly bigger now, but nothing I would write home about.  And the results today could make or break me big time.  If they are bad, and we may need early delivery… what the heck will I do?  I know that my mothers fight or flight instinct will kick in and I will pull together and do anything I can for my child… but I am keeping my fingers, toes, eyes, and every other body part I can cross… CROSSED that everything will be fine, and my daughter’s head will catch up with the rest of her body. I secretly wish she has a giant head just like both of my sons, because then I would really be able to relax!

Wish me luck, and I will update everyone this afternoon!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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