For Real? Wine Company Targets Pregnant Women

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It’s not that I didn’t drink while pregnant, because I totally did. And if you’ve got something nasty to say about that then go right ahead although you may want to make sure no one said it already in the bajillion comments after the post I linked to up there. It’s not like the topic hasn’t been done to death, but whatever.

My point is that I can’t imagine that pregnant women are a huge market. Large enough to actually target them as a consumer, you know?

But as Marketing Week reports, one wine company is doing just that… So what’s behind their marketing strategy?

If you haven’t already deduced, it’s an alcohol-free wine! I had heard talk of this alcohol-free wine but could never find it anywhere! And yes, I asked the sales clerk. The fact that I lived in Utah during both pregnancies probably had something to do with it. You may have heard a lot of Mormon non-drinkers live there and if you’re a non-drinker I can’t imagine that you’d suddenly be searching for non-alcoholic wine when pregnant.

Anyway, check it out — drink maker Halewood International is targeting pregnant women to promote their alcohol free wine brand, Eisberg, that “aims to demystify the contradictory advice given to women during pregnancy.” And — get this — the wine website includes a “pregnancy page” that has a downloadable ‘Baby Shower’ kit, blogs written by pregnant women, and advice for those expecting children.

Eisberg brand manager Fran Draper, says: “Pregnant women are very aware of what they eat and drink, and many miss the enjoyment of their favourite glass of wine‚Ķ offering a mix of serious advice, peer group recommendations and fun activities aimed at baby showers, Eisberg hopes to build up loyalty amongst this key target group.”

Here’s a bit of marketing from the pregnancy page:

Whether you have had a hard week at work, or are trying to keep the early stage of your pregnancy quiet, not drinking in a social situation can be the obvious giveaway so what is the solution?

If you are fed up with being offered a steady flow of sugary, fizzy drinks and lukewarm fruit juice, then why not raise a glass of Eisberg alcohol free wine?

The ruby rich Cabernet Sauvignon, aromatic Riesling, crisp Chardonnay, and fruity Rosé varieties of Eisberg ensure that you can enjoy the sensation of pouring a real glass of wine, while still avoiding the alcohol content.

So get your wine on, girlfriend!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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