Forbidden Activities During Pregnancy

You can't do this. Or that. Or the other thing.

A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with Complete Placenta Previa and with it came of list of things I could no longer do for the rest of my pregnancy. The list is really disappointing and I don’t see any of the restrictions being lifted for the next three months.

For those of you that aren’t sure what Placenta Previa is, let me explain just a little of what I know. Placenta Previa is a pregnancy complication where the placenta is too close to the cervix. There are various stages of Placenta Previa depending on how close it is to the cervix. In my case it is sitting right on top of the cervix and is therefore known as Complete Placenta Previa. That’s not a good thing. Placenta Previa can cause bleeding or premature labor and will ultimately end with me having to have a cesarean section.

As a precautionary measure and in an effort to keep me from experiencing bleeding or premature labor my doctor has given me a list of things I am not to do for the rest of my pregnancy.

  • No Exercise 1 of 5
    No Exercise
    I can walk and take the stairs but that is it. No jumping around, no aerobics, no extra effort to keep fit.
  • No Bike Riding 2 of 5
    No Bike Riding
    I just found this out a couple of days ago and I'm a little disappointed by it. Summer time = bike time and I cannot have anything to do with it. I'm thoroughly jealous of the 12 mile ride my husband took the other day.
  • No Traveling Long Distances 3 of 5
    No Traveling Long Distances
    I had two conferences I was supposed to attend this month for work. One of them would have involved flying, the other a long train ride. I had to cancel them both. Understandable and really I'm okay with that because I wouldn't want to be in another state and have something go wrong. But still a bit of a bummer.
  • No Sex 4 of 5
    No Sex
    What?!? And not just no sex for my husband and I. No orgasms at all. Which means I can't even have a little me time until 6 weeks or so AFTER the baby is born. Again, totally jealous of my husband.
  • No Lifting Over Ten Pounds 5 of 5
    No Lifting Over Ten Pounds
    This is by far the most devastating thing on the list for me. I don't mind at all that it has gotten me out of carrying full baskets of dirty laundry down to the basement or bringing in the groceries from the car. What really bothers me is the fact that this means I can no longer pick up my 4 year old son for the rest of the pregnancy. Just the thought of not being able to lift him into my arms brings tears to my eyes. He can still climb up into my lap and snuggle with me but sometimes that isn't enough for either of us.

Have you been placed on any restricted activities during your pregnancy?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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