Foreskin Freak-Outs Put Into Perspective

“Circumcision is one of humanities greatest crimes, and American parents who continue to let this go on are its accomplices.”

The above is a little sampling from the big old freak-out happening in New Jersey on the topic of circumcision. Apparently, Jayne Freeman, of Jersey City’s Mamarama, was too damn neutral in her stance. And the comments– such as the one above– started to fly.

Freeman’s opinion– which I share— is that circumcision is a personal choice one should make having looked at the research and considered the options thoughtfully. And since current research has led the American Academy of Pediatricians to conclude that circumcision should neither be routinely performed nor banned,  that pretty much leaves us with “it’s personal.”

When you look very closely at the statistics, the increases of risks on either side are so minor they are not considered significant. The data is not coming down hard on for anyone. I guess that’s why these circ/anti-circ battles can be such crazed, mud-flinging fests!

The extreme points of view, while cementing an opinion for some, can be absolutely devastating to most.  To be told you are mutilating your child, or, if you go the other way, exposing him to ridicule or disease? No one wants any of the bad things listed on either the pro or anti-circ websites to happen to their baby boys. And, according to the AAP and many other medical authorities, they won’t happen!

How are you handling/did you handle the circumcision question? Do you feel like collateral damage in the circ wars? Or are you managing to steer through, mud-free?

photo: Cyron Ray Macey/Flickr

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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