Forward Motion: Moving From Being Pregnant to Baby's First Year

So much has happened in these three months I’ve been blogging on Being Pregnant. We went from holding Elvie in our hearts to holding her in our arms, and so much more after that. These three months have flown by, but at the same time it seems like life has always been like this, by which I mean completely crazy, stressful, and joyous all at the same time. I have loved being one of the Being Pregnant bloggers, even though I was never technically pregnant, and talking about our adoptions and adoption issues that are important to me.

Sharing our family life and my daughters’ stories with you here has been an honor. Today will be my last day blogging on Being Pregnant, but I have good news! Next week, I will begin blogging on Baby’s First Year. I am so excited to move forward with Elvie’s life and take the natural step forward here on Babble by moving over to Baby’s First Year.

Looking back over these three months, there are definitely some standout moments. When I first introduced our family on Being Pregnant, we were just twenty days away from leaving the US to travel to Ethiopia to adopt Elvie. We counted down the days, flew away, and introduced our very tiny baby while we were still in Ethiopia. We came home, we admitted Elvie to the hospital, and we walked through the uncertainty of her first hospital stay. There was a second homecoming, then another hospital stay, then a third homecoming. And now we are at home, for good this time. It seems an appropriate time to move from a pregnancy blog to one chronicling our first year as a family of four.

It has been such a joy to get started writing for Babble on the Being Pregnant blog. I hope that you will all join me next week on Baby’s First Year. We still have a lot to go through with our sweet Elvie, and it is so good to have so much support along the way. Jarod and I both are humbled by the support encouragement we’ve received by the readers here. We look forward to sharing more of our lives as I move my writing over to Baby’s First Year.

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