FOUND: Our First Ever List of Baby Names. What Were We Thinking?

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Here’s a pic of the list. The dark block hides a phone number. Please, please, please: forgive me for the Zs.

As many of you know, I recently moved–again. After settling in a bit, I had some time to really go through things. You know, those random boxes that you keep taking with you each move, but that you never actually unpack and aren’t totally sure what you even still have them for. Yeah, those. Well, I finally got to go through them.

Most of the stuff I tossed. It was either pretty useless or completely useless, and I can’t believe I kept some of it for so long. But I was psyched to find our first ever list of baby names, from long before I was ever even pregnant. I’ve been sifting through and considering baby names for nearly five years now, and this is the original list of names that I first put pen to paper, about three years ago.

I’m mostly impressed with it, actually. There are some darn good names on this list. But I look at some and wonder, “What was I thinking?” Each have their own story about why they got axed, got circled, or are still on the list. Here they are, as they appear on my list:

BOYS (though I spelled this with a Z instead of an S on my list. I think that could be psychologically analyzed to mean I wasn’t serious about having a baby at that time…)

Mitchell: Still a favorite of mine, but we decided not to use it because of our last name, Mass. Mitch rhymes with an unpleasant B-word, and Mass with an unpleasant A-word. No need to set our kid up for a lifetime of torment.

Harrison: Love, love, love this name, but a dear friend chose it for her son–so it’s out.

Sawyer: Love, love, love this name too, but a cousin chose it for her son–so it’s out.

Levi: Love, love, love this name, but another close friend chose it for her son–so it’s out

(All three of those names were used within months of each other. I remember panicking, thinking that all the good boy names were going to be used up by the time we had a baby!)

Lewis: I was born on a street (in a house, back in 1978) that has the name Lewis in it, so this name has some significance to me. But we decided we don’t like the way names that end in -s pair with our last name, that also ends in -s. Too hissy for our taste.

Chet: Still love this name, and it’s still on our list. Chet Baker is probably the best trumpeter of all time, so there’s that.

Myron: I like this name, but the spouse says, “No way.”

Otis: Again, the -s.

Porter: A totally cool name, but the beer connection ruins it for us.

Jesse: A favorite of my spouse’s, but far too common for me.

Isaac: We both love this name, but worry about the potential for misspelling. Plus, it might be just a bit too popular for us.

Huxley: HUXLEY! I wish I could sell this name to my spouse, but it’s just not happening. Such a shame. Such a great name.

Ivan: No spousal consent, no can do.

Russell: This name is crossed off, but I’m going to try to revive it. It’s pretty damn cool.

Stanley: My great uncle’s name–who just also happens to have been the greatest great uncle in the world.

GIRLS (also spelled with a Z on my list, ugh)

Kennedy: Added by my spouse. I’m totally not into it.

James: Added by me. My spouse is totally not into it. I love this name for a girl.

Reid: Still a favorite of mine.

Vivian: I tend to be a sucker for V names, but this got axed.

Maeve: Circled on the list. There was a time that I swore this would be a daughter’s name. Not anymore. I still like it, but I think I’m bored by it now.

Luci: With an I. A dear friend of mine passed away shortly before I started this list, and this was the beginning of her last name.

Wren: I adore Wren, but we decided not to use names that are also words because the middle names and the last names of our children are also both word names.

Huxley: Originally on my girl list, but my spouse doesn’t care for this name so much–and definitely not for a girl–so it got moved to the boy names, though it will probably never get used by us.

Charlotte: Such a lovely name with fun nickname potential (Lottie!), but it’s become too popular for us.

Joni: Such a fun name, and a spin-off of a family name, Joan. But, it got axed.

Audrey: I love this classic name, and don’t remember why it got crossed off.

Louise: Again, the -s.

Jesse: Too common.

Simone: My grandmother’s last name, but in talking about this name with my mother, I learned that it’s her last name from a marriage after my grandfather died–and probably not the strongest familial tribute possible, though I do love this name.

Alice: what’s not to like about this name??

Daphne: it’s odd that this name is crossed off our list, because it’s the name we picked out and used for our twin girl who died at 17 weeks pregnant.

Esme: I liked this name before I knew anything about Twilight. Now, not so much.

Estelle: Such a great name! With all the hype around Belle, Bella, Elle, Ella, Stella, and those types of names, I have no idea why Estelle isn’t more popular!

Dorothy: I know, I know: Wizard of Oz. But it’s still a great name.

Hana: I don’t even remember putting this on the list.

Helen: A fabulous “old lay name” that I’d love to see make a comeback.

Harriet: Harrison is cool, why not Harriet?

Juliet: The spouse had an ex Julie, so there goes this wonderful name.

Nora: God, I LOVE this name. “It’s sounds like a boring librarian,” says the spouse.

Leona: My great grandmother’s name–still in the running for us.

So, there ya have it: The Original. It’s amazing what’s managed to stand the test of time for us, and what has not at all. I don’t know where any of my more recent lists are. I probably threw them away after we lost the twins, but this list is so old, it got buried away–and I’m glad for it. It’s nice to see where we started. Scribbled on the back and worth noting are Eva, Phoebe, Blanche, Fiona, Florence, Heidi, Martha, Mabel, Matilda, Maude, and Paige, but they’re not from The Original.

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