From 14 Weeks to 27: A 2nd Trimester Farewell

So long second trimester!

I can’t believe that this week is the last week of my second trimester.  Everyone told me that this middle part of the journey would be the “honeymoon period” where I suddenly felt fabulous and had all of my energy back overnight.  It didn’t come quite that quickly for me, and although I didn’t really start to feel better until around week 18, this second trimester has still been a true gift.

Thinking about how I looked and felt when my second trimester started, it’s almost unrecognizable from the pregnancy I am experiencing today.  I started out sick and uncomfortable, not really ready to embrace my new body, and very unsure of what was still to come.  Here I am at 27 weeks, totally in love with my belly and my curves, and excitedly counting DOWN now instead of up!

Now that it’s time to say goodbye to the second trimester, I thought it would be fun to take a look back from weeks 14 to 27.  It’s funny to see what I was thinking each week, and how much has changed since the beginning!  Not to mention how much my bump has grown (and my hair color has faded!)…

  • Week 14 1 of 14
    Week 14
    "I wouldn't say my appetite is back, but it's definitely increasing. I found myself picking out foods this week that I haven't eaten in months! Just this afternoon I got lunch at Whole Foods and even ate a hearty portion of Greek SALAD can you believe it?? I am still on a big pasta kick, and eat mostly cereal for breakfasts and snacks, but sloooowly but surely the veggies are creeping back in."
  • Week 15 2 of 14
    Week 15
    "Most of the time, I'm feeling really good. I seem to still be averaging one unfortunate puking per week. I keep thinking the sickness is all gone, and then it will randomly come back, as it did this morning. But it's nothing like it used to be, and I've almost forgotten how horrific the first trimester was. I'm equating it to running marathons once it's over you forget what you went through!"
  • Week 16 3 of 14
    Week 16
    "Pregnancy headaches have continued this week, and I've been managing them with small doses of caffeine. It usually just takes a few sips for me to feel a bit better. I've woken up several times this week with a raging headache and pretty bad nausea it feels like I am hungover! I'm hoping the headaches let up soon. They are actually affecting me more than the nausea these days."
  • Week 17 4 of 14
    Week 17
    I have to admit I have developed an alarming craving for something I never used to eat regularly before baked potatoes. Seriously, I want them morning, noon, and night. I keep suggesting we vegetarians go eat at steakhouses since I know they will have baked potato side items available!
  • Week 18 5 of 14
    Week 18
    "My stomach is hairier. There, I said it. I am actually not a hairy person at all, and prior to pregnancy I just had the wispy fine hair on my body that we all have. The hair is still wispy and fine, but I feel like the hair on my stomach is longer and a little darker than it used to be. Nothing anyone would notice other than me, but I still find it kind of disturbing."
  • Week 19 6 of 14
    Week 19
    "Food is finally starting to be my friend again, and I'm finding myself to be much hungrier this week than usual. I've started eating salads and greens again, and have greatly expanded the number of vegetables and other foods I can eat now. The only thing I really can't stomach is Indian food or heavy spices. I'm also still filling up much more quickly than normal, so meals are much smaller and more frequent. I announce almost every night about 30 minutes after dinner, "I'm hungry!"
  • Week 20 7 of 14
    Week 20
    "This belly just keeps on growing! Last week I got on the bus to head downtown, and someone asked me if I needed a seat. At first I was confused, and then I realized that this was the first official public acknowledgement from a stranger that I looked pregnant."
  • Week 21 8 of 14
    Week 21
    "It's crazy to me that I wrote about struggling with pregnancy body changes just a few short weeks ago. Now at week 21, I'm loving the changes more and more each day. My arms and legs are still strong, and being back in the gym has made me feel confident and healthy again."
  • Week 22 9 of 14
    Week 22
    "I'm excited to report that the major piece of news from this week is that I am finally feeling all sorts of thumping and KICKING! I have thought that I was possibly feeling little bubbles and flutters here and there, but this is something entirely different. These are big kicks that you can even see from the outside if you are watching closely enough. Casey has even been able to feel a few himself, which has been really special and fun for both of us. The kicks make me feel so much more connected to the baby, and I love knowing that he is having fun and playing around in there."
  • Week 23 10 of 14
    Week 23
    "As much as I still love it all, I'm getting to that point where pregnancy becomes a little more difficult. I finally feel like my stomach is much bigger, I'm much more uncomfortable, and it's starting to be more more of a struggle to do basic things that used to be easy for me. With all of that said, I am loving every single minute of it. It's funny how the stomach can suddenly become a bit of an obstacle. I can't eat on our couch comfortably anymore because I can't physically lean over to the coffee table to reach my plate. I have to prop my dinner up on a pillow and lean back in order to be able to eat and breathe at the same time."
  • Week 24 11 of 14
    Week 24
    "As of this week, I've gained ten solid pounds, and I can definitely feel them. I can't believe I will more than double that by the time he's ready to come out! I'm still walking 3 miles every day and doing weights 2-3 times a week to stay strong and active. Crossing my fingers that I can keep it up until the end, even if I have to walk very sloooooooowly."
  • Week 25 12 of 14
    Week 25
    "I'm feeling a little slower and more exhausted this week. Simple tasks are becoming less simple, and I'm learning to ask for help more and more. Traveling this weekend, I found that reaching over into my bag from my airplane seat was nearly impossible, and flying for even 2-hours was pretty uncomfortable. Makes me a little nervous for the 2 cross-country flights I still have booked during this pregnancy! I'm having more back pain this week, and I find sitting for long stretches of time to be really hard on my tailbone and lower back. To be honest, not many positions or ways of sitting are very comfortable anymore, but I think that's probably to be expected by this late into pregnancy."
  • Week 26 13 of 14
    Week 26
    "Not much to report on changes this week, other than the fact that my stomach just keeps on growing. Kicks and thumps continue, which I absolutely love, and I'm starting to be able to predict his sleeping and kicking patterns. I have also developed a slightly irrational fear of falling while pregnant. I am trying hard to be extra careful!"
  • Week 27 14 of 14
    Week 27
    "Earlier in my first trimester I had a hard time sleeping, but that got progressively easier over the last few months. Now suddenly sleeping is very uncomfortable again, and simply turning from one side of my body to the other is an athletic event. My pregnancy body pillow has become a permanent fixture in our bed!"

I can only imagine what I’ll be saying in 13 more weeks!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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