Full Moon and Low Barometric Pressure, Anyone?

I’ve heard all the tricks for bringing on labor naturally (and I’m trying some out), but in an effort to avoid being induced next week, I’m hoping to get an extra boost from Mother Nature this weekend.

For centuries, it’s been believed that a full moon can bring on labor; that what’s called the “lunar effect” can affect a woman’s 80-percent-water body in much the same way it controls the tides. And why shouldn’t we think so? Menstrual and ovulation cycles tend to follow lunar cycles. Well … they they occur once a month, just as a full moon does.

We’re set to have our monthly lunar effect take place tomorrow when the full moon shows its pretty face. Though the whole full moon thing isn’t absolutely credible, I’m choosing to believe (hope?) that it, combined with other local weather patterns might bring on some welcome labor for this 39-weeks-pregnant lady.

When I arrived at the hospital to deliver my first, I was trailed by three other pregnant women. “I knew you’d all be coming,” said the woman behind the desk. “The barometer dropped and it’s going to snow.” According to the L&D nurses, all rooms filled up that night and I was lucky I paid the $200 extra to ensure my private room. And sure enough, my son’s birth announcement read, “Born on a snowy night.”

A cold front recently moved into our area, after weeks of blissful 70-degree weather. I’m hoping that it might also bring a drop in barometric pressure and give us a few stormier days. (Generally speaking, high-pressure areas are clear and low-pressure areas are cloudy and rainy.) Supposedly, a woman’s body is like a pressure vessel and a drop in barometric pressure can bring on labor in much the same way the full moon theory is said to.

So, what are my ideal weekend plans? I’d like to take a long walk in the rain, under a full moon. And after that, hopefully a trip to the hospital.

Happy weekend! Send me your positive vibes.

Image by Bark on Flickr

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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