Full Term, Baby!

Tomorrow is one of those landmark pregnancy days, in fact, it’s one of the last ones besides reaching our actual due date. First we had the viability landmark, then the 3rd trimester, then a month to go, and now, tomorrow, my baby will be considered full term. (Before you correct me, some refer to 37 weeks as term and 40 weeks as full term, but my OB said full term and either way, it’s a landmark, okay?)

Basically, if the baby was born tomorrow, he wouldn’t be considered premature, he would be a fully cooked newborn. And assuming no complications, he shouldn’t require NICU time or assistance for breathing or eating, though we know that there is more than gestational age to consider when it comes to newborns. To celebrate this, he has been torturing my insides all day long. He’s so cute.

And as we approach this latest landmark, I am happy to say that we have finally made some headway on our massive to do before baby list.

First, we installed the car seat base. I cannot begin to tell you how excessively complicated we made such a simple task. And we did it at 8pm because we were worried that I was headed into early labor (I wasn’t, thank goodness) and apparently that was the motivation we needed. But it is now installed and because I am certain it is installed improperly and is in fact a death trap, we’re having it inspected Monday.

Then we sort of packed a hospital bag. It has most of the bare essentials in it, and if we had to rush to the hospital now, besides adding the camera battery which is on the charger, I think we’d mostly be okay. It helps that we live less than 5 miles from the hospital, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world to send a family member to grab something.

The nursery is finally painted and it is pretty much the color I had in mind. After the first disastrous turquoise coat, my mother-in-law had an attack of conscience for getting the wrong color and went out and fixed it. So the room is now a nice shade of blue that goes well enough with our bedding that we don’t have to replace our valence or dust ruffle. Whew. But, we found out last night that we won’t be getting the dresser potentially ever because it is now evidence in a complicated law suit that is probably going to take longer than my child’s infancy and toddlerhood to settle, which, gah. So, now we’re looking for a new dresser. In short, though our nursery is painted, it will NEVER BE FINISHED.

And we went back to childbirth class, and even acted mostly like adults. The instructor did suggest that we were jokesters, which might have had to do with my husband’s “affirmations” that he whispered while we were simulating labor. But we kept it together, partially because this class was all about the horrifying details of labor and if you can laugh at that, you’re a better person than I am.

I would hesitate to say that we are truly ready for the baby to come just yet, but I also know that we’re almost as ready as we’re ever going to be. Ready or not parenthood, here we come!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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