Fun Responses to Things People Say to Pregnant Women

Yesterday we looked at some pretty stupid things people say to pregnant women.  Now let’s look at some fun responses to those things!  After all…if you can’t have fun with people, what can you do?  (Better to laugh than scream!)

1. “Yup…pregnant women do get big.  What’s your excuse?”  (that last part might be too mean, lol.)

2. “I’m sorry…did you want to give your input on our name choice?  I didn’t know I needed to ask your advice, so thanks for letting me know!”

3. ::Rub their belly:: “Oh, how fun!  You have one too!”

4. “Thanks, I’ll follow my doctor’s advice on ___”

5. “You have kind of a stupid name, too.  In fact, I think my friend has a dog with that name.!”

6. “Are you always this drug happy?”

7. “You realize my baby can’t hear you, right?  And if he could, he really wouldn’t care.”

8. “Hello, this is my newborn.  No, I’m not pregnant….”

9. “Thanks for the horror story.  Can I tell you one too?” (about a car accident, or something else)

10. “I’ve heard all I need to, thanks.” ::walk away::

11. “By the way, I’m UP HERE.  My belly is NOT community property.”

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What are you some your best responses to rude comments?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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