Funny Baby Shower Cards That Will Have the Mom-to-Be LOLing

Collage of funny and unique baby shower cards
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You’ve scoured the baby registry, you’ve bought the gift … and now there’s only one thing left to do besides show up to the party: Get a baby shower card that somehow conveys just how psyched you are that your BFF is having a baby!

Instead of waiting until the last minute and snagging a card that just says “Congrats!”, how about going with a unique baby shower card that’ll have the mom-to-be LOLing as she opens gifts?

Scroll on for some baby shower card ideas that will score you some major points on the friend scale. (Not that it’s a contest or anything … )

Two avocados side-by-side. One has a "pit" which looks like a baby.
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For that friend who’s obsessed with avocado, this is kind of perfect.

Available from Amazon, $7

A husband and wife stand over a baby. Husband says "One to two years? We can't we just upgrade to a potty-trained person?"
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LOL — if only that were a real possibility …

Available on Amazon, $9+

Card reads: 1 + 1 = 3, because who needs sleep anyway?
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Sleep? What’s that?

Available on Amazon, $5.50

A card from Farewell Paperie reads, "Push it real good."
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Nothing like some old school Salt-N-Pepa to liven up the baby shower.

Available on Amazon, $8.95

A graphic of a baby smiling. Diaper reads "You made a human!"
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Just delivering the facts.

Available on Amazon, $2.99

Baby shower card reads: "It's hard to find a comfortable sleeping position when you're pregnant, but that won't be a problem when the baby is born. Inside: "Sleeping won't even be an option then. Can't wait to meet baby!"
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Available on Amazon, $4.95

Outside of card: "Holy guacamole!" Inside: "You made one adorable baby burrito. So happy for you!"
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Too. Stinking. Cute.

Available on Amazon, $4.95

Card reads: "Congrats! On the new boobs (and the bump)."
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Oh yeah, that too!

Available from Amazon, $6.99

Outside: "When the baby pops out, make sure to let it know ... " Inside: "I'm never gonna give you up!"
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Um, is there anything better than getting Rick Rolled at your own baby shower? (Answer: NOPE.)

Available from Amazon, $15

Card reads: "I'm so happy you're having a baby (and that I'm not).
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If you’ve already decided you’re d-o-n-e having babies (and your BFF totally knows this), this tongue-in-cheek card will have her rolling.

Available on Etsy, $3.37

Oversized baby shower card reads "BIG welcome to the little one."
Image Source: Amazon

How can the mom-to-be not laugh when you hand over this giant (and we do mean truly giant) baby shower card?

Available from Amazon, $9.62

Card reads "The best nugget since the chicken nugget" with a mini "baby" nugget that has a pacifier in its mouth
Image Source: Etsy

That sure is one cute nugget!

Available on Amazon, $4.50

Card reads: "Awesome people make awesome babies."
Image Source: Etsy

For those friends of yours who are total #CoupleGoals, this card says it all.

Available on Etsy, $4.99

Card reads "sleep is overrated" above a hand-drawn image of a positive pregnancy test.
Image Source: Etsy

Just in case the parents-to-be didn’t already get the memo that they’re going to be surviving on nothing but coffee and their last shreds of sanity for the first few months …

Available on Etsy, $4.91

Baby shower card reads "Yay, you get to give birth and change nappies! Congrats"
Image Source: Etsy

Ah yes, the best parts of parenthood!

Available on Etsy, $3.37

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