Funny Things Kids Say About Pregnancy

Oh, the things children say about your belly....

We’ve all heard that “kids say the darndest things.”  But kids can say some pretty funny thing,s specifically about pregnancy.  Today I’m sharing some of the funniest things my kids have said, or that I’ve heard other kids say about pregnancy!

Read on, and share your stories in the comments section!

1. “The baby’s coming out of your belly button!” — I don’t know why kids are convinced that the belly button (on the mom) has anything to do with the baby, but my daughter is completely convinced of this!  Despite that I have told her otherwise.

2. “Tell the doctor to make the baby come out, I miss him!” — This was my friend’s 4-year-old, when she was at term.

3. “Did you know you have a baby in your tummy?” — Several children, including mine, to their mothers who did not yet know they were pregnant.  Kids seem to know!

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4. “Whoa, your tummy’s getting bigger!!  And you have big milk too!” — My daughter, any time she sees me undressed!

5. “I have a baby in my tummy too.  That’s why I need to eat candy.” — My daughter, who uses this excuse to get any sort of treat or snack.

6. “Daddy has a food baby in his belly!” — My friend’s 3-year-old, who was convinced if her mother was pregnant, her father must be, too.

7. “When the baby comes, it’s going to be little, but then it’s going to get big and I’m going to play with it.” — My daughter, explaining to me exactly how babies grow (lol).

8. “Oh, mom, I know it’s just your hormones!” — One reader’s son, after she apologized for being moody.

9. “Well, twins just wasn’t on my agenda….” A girl who’d begged for a baby sibling, after her mom announced it was twins.

10. “BABY!” My son, as he pats my tummy rather firmly!

What funny things have your kids said about pregnancy?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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