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    Pregnancy brain? What pregnancy brain? These tweets prove that pregnant ladies can be as witty as the rest of us. From Mariah Carey to Pink to Tori Spelling, these are seriously some of the funniest, tech-savvy soon-to-be moms out there. Plus, a few hilarious dads and non-famous ladies who were just too funny to leave out!
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    1. Swollen Feet

    Swollen Feet@MariahCarey — FYI- if my feet get any bigger I'm gonna start chargein 'em rent!!! (NY gansta voice:) uggggghhhhhhh

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    2. Pregnancy brain

    Twitter Bird@kristencronin — Tried desperately to unlock and get into the wrong car in the parking lot at work today. I guess this whole pregnancy brain thing is real.

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    3. Birth education class

    Twitter Bird@Pink — what i learned tonight in baby class: the most helpful thing my man can do in early labor, is feed his partner. i like it already...

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    4. I can’t reach my toes!

    Twitter Bird@Pink — now if someone would please help me with my pedicure, I can't reach my toes!!!!!!

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    5. Bed rest blues

    Twitter Bird@doula_saint — So funny @KeepEmCookin: Four ways prison is better than bedrest. The T-shirt is here!" #pregnancy #bedrest

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    6. Packing for two

    Twitter Bird@jeweljk — cute dress? ☑ cute sweater? ☑ cute scarf? ☑ hideous Anti-swelling compression socks w ugly, but comfy, shoes 4 long flight? Check! Lol

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    7. The other chick flick

    Twitter Bird@HollyES — preggie hormones have me crying more in the past 24 hours than I did watching "The Notebook." #pregnant #overlyemotional #36weeks #soclose

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    8. A pregnancy rap

    Twitter Bird@OfficialMelB — my humps my humps my lovely pregnant humps!!!

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    9. Crazy cravings

    Twitter Bird@OCGalaxyFan — Pregnancy cravings have struck the wife, I bought $20 of fresh salmon and just as I started cooking she says that she wants to order pizza.

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    10. Eau du pickles

    Twitter Bird@TiaMowry — This guy sitting next 2 me smells like pickles! My heightened sense of smell is kicking in! Bad timing!!!

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    11. Safe sex

    Twitter Bird@OMGsuchTeen — Oooo you can have sex while you’re pregnant.... well I’m off then.........

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    12. How a softball star does pregnancy

    Twitter Bird@jfinch27 — Wearing all black, started my workout w/ a cup of Joe in hand, convincing myself walking IS a workout! #mypregnancy 😉

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    13. Does this make me look fat?

    Twitter Bird@sarah_wells — This shirt makes me look huge. Oh wait, I AM huge. #36weeks #pregnant #3weeks2go

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    14. Baby name debate

    Twitter Bird@ToriandDean — Liam wants a boy named 'Spidey' & Stella wants a girl named 'Princess!'

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    15. Side-effect central

    Twitter Bird@blovdprincess — Red puffy eyes. Stuffed nose. Splitting headache. I'm not sure we're done yet for the day. #pregnant #damnhormones

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    16. Alien

    Twitter Bird@Alyssa_Milano — Ummm...sometimes it freaks me out that I'm growing a human being inside of my body.

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    17. The pregnant roll

    Twitter Bird@EdwardsKatie — Can't sit up in bed to get up. Now have to do a rather attractive roll off the side to find my feet. Hilarious #pregnancy

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    18. Bath olympics

    Twitter Bird@OfficialMelB — getting an early night got a long shoot day tomoz, just had a bath and couldn't lift my big ass out until the 3rd attempt i laughed at myself

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    19. Morning sickness melancholy

    Twitter Bird@bettina #36weeks #pregnant after #IVF and still puking up dinner. You're worth it, Baby, I promise.

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    20. Happy Easter!

    Twitter Bird@OfficialMelB — it's perfect being pregnant at easter, bring on ALL the chocolate, sexy chocolate!!! 

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