10 Funny Ways to Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

There really are very few true surprises in life, but one of the biggest — and most memorable — has to be the day you found out you were pregnant. Whether you were trying, it was a surprise, or somewhere in between, the news is still exciting!

One of the best parts about finding out you’re pregnant is that you, and only you, have the honor of telling your partner the big news. And since it’s a moment both of you will want to remember forever — and your child is bound to ask you at some point how you told Daddy — why not make that story more interesting by having a little harmless fun? These moms-to-be certainly did.

I’ve rounded up some of the funniest and most unexpected ways to tell your partner you are pregnant. Click through to check them out!

  • Movie Poster 1 of 10
    If your partner is a total movie buff or loves video games, spill the news using a medium he's used to. The more dramatic, the better!
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  • Silly Self-portraits 2 of 10
    Everyone loves a "good" piece of artwork. Regardless of your abilities, all you need is pen and paper for a funny self-portrait you can keep forever.
    Photo credit & view more at: georgiegirlnyc
  • A Novel Idea 3 of 10
    We've all seen the typical pregnancy books, so break out of the box and give him a clue for what he's about to get into.
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  • Greeting Card 4 of 10
    Nothing says congratulations like a greeting card. This one? Hilarious! (And true.)
    Get it from Etsy, $4
  • Bake a Cake 5 of 10
    Sure, not everyone is great with a mixer and the oven, but you can get your point across pretty quickly. And if he faints from shock, the cake will soften the blow.
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  • Booby Stickers 6 of 10
    If your partner is a fan of your lady lumps, what better way to assure you have his full attention for the news than with these stickers?
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  • It’s T-Shirt Time 7 of 10
    If your partner is a T-shirt and jeans type of guy, replace his typical tee with this one before bed and watch his reaction when he puts it on and looks in the mirror the next day!
    Get it from Zazzle, $38.35
  • Leave Subtle Clues 8 of 10
    Nothing is funnier than watching your partner try to figure things out. Leave weird and funny hints about your pregnancy around the house, like this soap dispenser, and see how long it takes him to get it.
    Get it from Etsy, $6
  • Oh Sh*t! 9 of 10
    If it wasn't planned, but a very welcome surprise, play that up and have a little fun with it. This card seems to say it nicely! Plus, 12 cards come in a set, so you can give one to your partner then use the others as pregnancy announcements for friends and family.
    Get it from Etsy, $14.50 for set of 12
  • Send an E-card 10 of 10
    Gotta love these funny e-cards that don't beat around the bush! You can choose from a selection of premade ones or come up with your own witty message.
    Photo credit & view more at: Some ECards

How did you tell your partner the news?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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