10 Gender Cake-Reveals Gone Wrong

A big trend that I am noticing lately is the big-deal themes for announcing the gender of your child just after the mid-pregnancy ultrasound. Not only are people posting daily countdowns to the “big ultrasound” but planning gender reveal parties is the thing now.

These parties happen sometime after 17 weeks after the gender of the baby has been confirmed via ultrasound. The family gets together (like a baby shower) and all learn the sex of the baby in some cute and/or fun way. Some reveal the gender through decorations, clever activities and some use the cake to tell the news.

Click through to see 10 ways to NOT decorate your cake for your baby-to-be’s gender reveal:


  • It’s a Boy! 1 of 10
    Now, let's cut into it...
  • It’s a Boy! 2 of 10
    Belly cakes really creep me out.
  • It ‘ Is Boy 3 of 10
    Confused. Is it one boy or two?
  • I’ts Giri? 4 of 10
    The spelling in this one -such a wimmer
  • Is A Boy 5 of 10
    Dear cakemakers: spell check.
  • A Sweet Baby Boy 6 of 10
    Now, lets cut into squares - I'll take the naked butt part.
  • It’s Of Boy 7 of 10
    Hmm... grammar fail.
  • It’s a Girl (3 Time$) 8 of 10
    Okay - does this mean three girls or was the cake decorator supposed to write "it's a girl"... three times?
  • It’s a Girl 9 of 10
    I'm kinda thrown off by the ladybug house thingy.
  • It’s a Jedi 10 of 10

All photos used with permission from Jen of CakeWrecks.com. For more amazingly funny cake wrecks check out cakewrecks.com or you can purchase their book “Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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