Gender Reveal? Baby Shower? Or Meet & Greet?

I love me a good party, a reason to celebrate and get together with family and friends. There is no better reason to do so than a new child entering into a family. When it comes to celebrations and new babies, there are so many different etiquette rules and themes that you can choose from and sometimes it’s just confusing. There are also new ways to celebrate that haven’t been done before.

Gender-reveal parties are the new thing now — where your friends and family get together after the ‘big ultrasound’ and you creatively let them all know if you will be welcoming a boy or a girl.

Then there is the traditional baby shower where you are showered with gifts for the new baby. The etiquette says you can’t have one for subsequent pregnancies though.

And then there is the meet & greet, which is like a baby shower, but the baby is born and you all get to meet the baby while giving them gifts. It’s kind of like having a baby shower without breaking the etiquette and introducing your baby to your family and friend circle.

I don’t really have a lot of experience as an attendee to these parties myself. My siblings are all still child-free and many of my friends are more the baby shower type and that’s it (& they tend to stick to the no subsequent party rule). My shower was over 6 years ago just a few weeks before my oldest was born and since, I’ve not had a party.

I am debating one for the last baby (if/when we get pregnant) since it’s been so long and I do like the idea of celebrating all births. But, with so many options out there, I don’t really know what is appropriate for when and which party is the most annoying.

I know we won’t be doing a gender-reveal party — since we aren’t finding out the gender before birth and I would much rather it be a ‘whoo baby is healthy’ big ultrasound than finding out what’s between their legs. As an attendee, a gender-reveal party would make me roll my eyes, just being honest.

Meet & greet sounds so stressful though! You have all these people in your house when you’ve just had a baby (when it’s hard enough to feed yourself, shower and have the house looking normal). I’ve not been to one as an attendee before opting to visit mom and baby (and bring food) when it’s convenient for them.

I am going to flip this conversation and ask you to tell me as an ATTENDEE, which is the party you prefer to attend?


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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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