Gender Selection Controversy Sparks Debate

Would you ever abort a baby that wasn’t the specific gender you wanted?  One Australian couple did exactly that when they aborted twin boys to help ensure they had a baby girl through IVF. The story is gaining world wide attention now.

But there is more to the story than actually meets the eye. The couple who have several boys are longing to replace the daughter they recently lost. But because of law in the part of Australia they live in, they are currently banned from using IVF to help ensure a daughter.

They had to present their case to an independent panel known as the Patient Review Panel which have rejected their request. Now they have to take their request to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, who ultimately will hold the fate of this couple’s possibility of having a daughter in their hands.

What people judging at this point in time may not know, or take into consideration is the mental health of the mother, and why she is ultimately on this quest. A local Australian news source has quoted the mother as:

“consumed by grief over the daughter who died soon after birth” and admits she has “become obsessed with having a daughter and it has become vital to her psychological health.”

To me, this is understandable as a parent. I cannot ever imagine losing a child, and I almost wonder if I would feel the same exact way as the mother in question.

The couple has come out and said if their request is rejected again, they plan to travel to the United States to conceive a girl because in America we do not regulate IVF for gender selection.

How do you feel about the choice of this couple?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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