Germany Allows Third Gender Option on Birth Certificate

Germany has just passed a law that allows parents to register their newborn as neither a male or a female on their birth certificate.

In an effort to take unwanted parents pressure off of parents, babies born with both female and male traits can officially be registered as a third gender. The German Ethics Council hopes that by adding a third option for parents, this allows them to take more time before making any surgical decisions for their child. Prior to this law, parents had one week to choose both a name and a gender for their child.

Germany is the first European country that will make it legal for parents to leave the gender option blank on their child’s birth certificate. When the child is older, they can choose an “X” option on their passport gender, rather than having to choose from “M” or “F.”

Parents go through so many emotions and big decisions during those first few weeks with a new baby. This new law will allow them to thoroughly think through a decision or maybe not even make a decision at all. It allows for parents to let their child decide their sex. If a child is born with both sexual traits, the parents might want to wait until the child grows and develops to make an educated decision. This gives everyone, including the child, more freedom, which might ultimately give them a better life. Isn’t that what we all want for our children?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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